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COVID-19 – das Ende der Selbstorganisation?

Hinweis: Ich benutze die aktuelle Situation als Perspektive auf Selbstorganisation, um mehr Klarheit in das Konzept der Selbstorganisation zu bringen. Mir fehlt das Fachwissen, um darüber zu befinden, wie wir sinnvoll mit der Pandemie umgehen sollten. Um die COVID-19-Pandemie zu bekämpfen, haben viele Regierungen die...
15.04.2020 | 509 2 | Stefan Roocks Blog

Escape enviroment variables in MSIEXEC parameters

Problem Customers can install our product on Windows with a standard MSI package. To automate the installation administrators can use MSIEXEC and MSI parameters to configure our client. A simple installation can look like this: msiexec /qb /i "OneOffixx.msi" ... CACHEFOLDER="D:/OneOffixx/" The “CACHEFOLDER”...
28.03.2020 | 487 1 | Code-Inside Blog

TLS/SSL probelems: 'Could not create SSLTLS secure channel'

Problem Last week I had some fun debugging a weird bug. Within our application one module makes HTTP requests to a 3rd party service and depending on the running Windows version this call worked or failed with: 'Could not create SSLTLS secure channel' I knew that older TLS/SSL versions are deprecated and that many...
01.03.2020 | 640 5 | Code-Inside Blog

Material von der BASTA! Spring

Hier das Material meiner Talks von der BASTA Spring: Keynote: Machine Learning: Softwareentwicklung 2.0? Let’s Flutter: Cross Platform à la Google User Experience Design für Entwickler Von der Idee zur App: Agile Konzeption mit Storyboards Das Material meines Workshops "Intelligente Apps entwickeln mit Azure Machine...
28.02.2020 | 481 1 | HeadWriteLine

Accessibility Insights: Spot accessibilities issues easily for Web Apps and Windows Apps

Accessibility Accessibility is a huge and important topic nowadays. Keep in mind that in some sectors (e.g. government, public service etc.) accessibility is a requirement by law (in Europe the European Standards EN 301 549). If you want to learn more about accessibility in general this might be handy: MDN Web Docs...
01.02.2020 | 580 4 | Code-Inside Blog

Basteln mit dem Nachwuchs: NFC Tags programmieren

Mein Nachwuchs interessiert sich für Technik, Computer und alles was so dazu gehört. Natürlich wird gerne gespielt, aber schön langsam durstet es ihm nach mehr. Mit kleinen Projekten kann man Technik recht schnell näher bringen, vermitteln und Interessen ausloten. Richtig gut kamen NFC Tags an. Diese sind für kleines...
21.01.2020 | 480 3 | Norbert Eder

Using the .editorconfig in VS2019 and VSCode

In the backend developer team of the YOO we are currently discussing coding style guidelines and ways to enforce them. Since we are developer with different mindsets and backgrounds, we need to find a way to enforce the rules in a way that works in different editors too. BTW: C# developers often came from other...
13.01.2020 | 653 3 | Jürgen Gutsch

T-SQL Pagination

The problem This is pretty trivial: Let’s say you have blog with 1000 posts in your database, but you only want to show 10 entries “per page”. You need to find a way how to slice this dataset into smaller pieces. The solution In theory you could load everything from the database and filter the results “in memory”...
31.12.2019 | 915 21 | Code-Inside Blog

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 24: When environments are not enough, use sub-environments!

ASP.NET Core knows the concept of runtime environments like Development, Staging and Production. But sometimes those environments are not enough. To solve this, you could use sub-environments. This is not a built-in feature, but is easily implemented in ASP.NET Core. Thomas Levesque describes how: ASP.NET CORE: WHEN...
24.12.2019 | 828 3 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 23: Setting up Azure DevOps CI/CD for a .NET Core 3.1 Web App hosted in Azure App Service fo...

After you migrated your ASP.NET Core application to a Linux based App Service, you should setup a CI/CD pipeline ideally on Azure DevOps. And again it is Scott Hanselman who wrote a great post about it: Setting up Azure DevOps CI/CD for a .NET Core 3.1 Web App hosted in Azure App Service for Linux So, read this post...
23.12.2019 | 765 2 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 22: User Secrets in Docker-based .NET Core Worker Applications

Do you want to know how to manage the user secrets in Docker based .NET Core Worker applications? As a part of the Message Endpoints in Azure series Jimmy Bogard is writing an awesome blog post about this. User Secrets in Docker-based .NET Core Worker Applications Jimmy Bogard is chief architect at Headspring...
22.12.2019 | 802 3 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 21: Moving an ASP.NET Core from Azure App Service on Windows to Linux by testing in WSL and ...

Scott Hanselman again writes about ASP.NET Core applications on Linux. This time the post is about moving an ASP.NET Core application from a Windows to a Linux based App Service: Moving an ASP.NET Core from Azure App Service on Windows to Linux by testing in WSL and Docker first Again this is one of his pretty...
21.12.2019 | 720 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 20: The ultimate guide to secure cookies with web.config in .NET

For the todays ASP.NET Hack Advent, I found a awesome post about cookie security. This post is the latest part of a series about ASP.NET Security. Cookie security is important to avoid cookie hijacking via cross-site scripting and something like this. The ultimate guide to secure cookies with web.config in .NET This...
20.12.2019 | 783 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 19: Migrate a real project from ASP.NET Core 2.2 to 3.1

Because I got a lot of questions about migrating ASP.NET Core applications to 3.1, I will introduce another really good blog post about it. This time it is a post about a real project that needs to be migrated from ASP.NET Core 2.2. to 2.1. He is writing about how to update the project file and about what needs to be...
19.12.2019 | 759 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 18: The .NET Foundation has a new Executive Director

On December 16th, Jon Galloway announced that Oren Novotny will follow him as the new Executive Director of the .NET Foundation. Jon started as Executive Director in February 2016. Until now, the .NET Foundation added a lot of value for the .NET community. They added a lot of more awesome projects to the Foundation...
18.12.2019 | 750 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 17: Creating Common Intermediate Language projects with .NET SDK

For the todays ASP.NET Hack Advent post, I found a link to one of the awesome posts of Filip W. In this post Filip describes the new project type that allows you to write .NET Projects in IL code directly. He writes how to create a new Microsoft.NET.Sdk.IL project and how to write IL code. He also answered the...
17.12.2019 | 737 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 16: ConfigureAwait & System.Threading.Channels

Stephen Toub published two really good blog post about in the Microsoft .NET Net blog. The first one is a really good and detailed FAQ style post about ConfigureAwait. If you would like to learn about ConfigureAwait, you should read it: ConfigureAwait FAQ The second one is an introduction into System.Threading...
16.12.2019 | 730 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 15: About silos and hierarchies in software development

This post is a special one. Not really related to .NET Core or ASP.NET Core, but to software development in general. I recently stumbled upon this post and while reading it I found myself remembering the days back when I needed to write code others estimated and specified for me. About silos and hierarchies in...
15.12.2019 | 731 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 14: MailKit

This fourteenth post is about a cross-platform .NET library for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. On Twitter I got asked about sending emails out from a worker service. So I searched for the documentation about System.Net.Mail and the SmtpClient Class and was really surprised that this class was marked as obsolete. It seems I...
14.12.2019 | 724 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 13:.NET Conf: Focus on Blazor

The .NET Conf in September this year was great and it was a pleasure to also do a talk on the 25th which was the community cay with a lot of awesome talks from community folks around the world. I'm really looking forward to the next one and hope I can do another talk next year. Yesterday I was surprised when I...
13.12.2019 | 721 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 12:.NET Rocks Podcasts

Do you like podcasts? Do you like entertaining and funny technical podcasts about .NET? I definitely do. I like to listen to them while commuting. The best and (I guess) the most famous .NET related podcast is .NET Rocks: https://www.dotnetrocks.com/ Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell really do a great show, they...
12.12.2019 | 668 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 11: Updating an ASP.NET Core 2.2 Web Site to .NET Core 3.1

.NET Core 3.1 is out, but how to update your ASP.NET Core 2.2 application? Scott Hanselman recently wrote a pretty detailed and complete post about it. https://www.hanselman.com/blog/UpdatingAnASPNETCore22WebSiteToNETCore31LTS.aspx This post also includes details on how to update the deployment and hosting part on...
11.12.2019 | 710 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 10: Wasmtime

WebAssembly is pretty popular this time for .NET Developers. With Blazor we have the possibility to run .NET assemblies inside the WebAssembly inside a browser. But did you know that you can run WebAssembly outside the web and that you can run WebAssembly code without a browser? This can be done with the open-source...
10.12.2019 | 655 2 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 09: November 2019 .NET/ASP.NET Documentation Update

For the ninth post I found a pretty useful blog post about .NET Core and ASP.NET Core documentation updates for the version 3.0. This post was written by Maxime Rouiller, a former MVP, who now works for Microsoft as a Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate. In this post he shows all the important updates related to...
09.12.2019 | 697 3 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 08: Hanselman debugs a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 with VS on Windows

Scott Hanselman also loves hacking. Hacking on small devices and on Windows and Linux. In this post, I want to introduce, he shows how to debug a .NET Core Linux app that runs in the WSL2 with a Visual Studio on Windows: Remote Debugging a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 from Visual Studio on Windows This is one of...
08.12.2019 | 787 1 | Jürgen Gutsch
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