.NET C# Java Javascript Exception

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.editorconfig: Sharing a common coding style in a team

Sharing Coding Styles & Conventions In a team it is really important to set coding conventions and to use a specific coding style, because it helps to maintain the code - a lot. Of course has each developer his own “style”, but some rules should be set, otherwise it will end in a mess. Typical examples for such...
01.05.2018 | 115 0 | Code-Inside Blog

How to test your web API with .NET Core

It’s so important to test your software automatically. Unit Tests are really great for testing small, atomic parts. But you have to ensure that your complete systems works as expected. This is where web API tests comes into play. First, some words about the motivation behind this article: A lot of people don’t want...
25.04.2018 | 155 0 | Norbert Eder
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