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Check installed version for ASP.NET Core on Windows IIS with Powershell

The problem Let’s say you have a ASP.NET Core application without the bundled ASP.NET Core runtime (e.g. to keep the download as small as possible) and you want to run your ASP.NET Core application on a Windows Server hosted by IIS. General approach The general approach is the following: Install the .NET Core...
01.09.2019 | 49 2 | Code-Inside Blog

SQL Server, Named Instances & the Windows Firewall

The problem “Cannot connect to sql\instance. A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL...
01.08.2019 | 83 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Jint: Invoke Javascript from .NET

If you ever dreamed to use Javascript in your .NET application there is a simple way: Use Jint. Jint implements the ECMA 5.1 spec and can be use from any .NET implementation (Xamarin, .NET Framework, .NET Core). Just use the NuGet package and has no dependencies to other stuff - it’s a single .dll and you are done!...
01.07.2019 | 73 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Build Windows Server 2016 Docker Images under Windows Server 2019

Since the uprising of Docker on Windows we also invested some time into it and packages our OneOffixx server side stack in a Docker image. Windows Server 2016 situation: We rely on Windows Docker Images, because we still have some “legacy” parts that requires the full .NET Framework, thats why we are using this base...
01.06.2019 | 179 1 | Code-Inside Blog

Update OnPrem TFS 2018 to AzureDevOps Server 2019

We recently updated our OnPrem TFS 2018 installation to the newest release: Azure DevOps Server The product has the same core features as TFS 2018, but with a new UI and other improvements. For a full list you should read the Release Notes. *Be aware: This is the OnPrem solution, even with the slightly missleading...
01.05.2019 | 169 3 | Code-Inside Blog

[Webcast] Softwarequalität Teil 1 - Einführung

Es ist mal wieder Webcast-Zeit - nach etlichen Anfragen in den letzten Tagen habe ich heute wieder mein Studio-Equipment aufgebaut und den Vortrag des .NET Day Franken als Webcast aufgezeichnet. Da auf der Konferenz schon die vorgegebenen 70 Minuten sehr knapp bemessen waren, habe ich das Ganze auf mehrere Folgen...
12.04.2019 | 103 1 | David Tielke

Load hierarchical data from MSSQL with recursive common table expressions

Scenario We have a pretty simple scenario: We have a table with a simple Id + ParentId schema and some demo data in it. I have seen this design quite a lot in the past and in the relational database world this is the obvious choice. Problem Each data entry is really simple to load or manipulate. Just load the...
01.04.2019 | 115 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Check Scheduled Tasks with Powershell

Task Scheduler via Powershell Let’s say we want to know the latest result of the “GoogleUpdateTaskMachineCore” task and the corresponding actions. All you have to do is this (in a Run-As-Administrator Powershell console) : Get-ScheduledTask | where TaskName -EQ 'GoogleUpdateTaskMachineCore' | Get-ScheduledTaskInfo...
27.02.2019 | 249 16 | Code-Inside Blog

Office Add-ins with ASP.NET Core

The “new” Office-Addins Most people might associate Offce-Addins with “old school” COM addins, but since a couple of years Microsoft pushes a new add-in application modal powered by HTML, Javascript and CSS. The cool stuff is, that these add-ins will run unter Windows, macOS, Online in a browser and on the iPad. If...
01.02.2019 | 277 0 | Code-Inside Blog

How to use TensorFlow with AMD GPU's

How to use TensorFlow with AMD GPU’s Most machine learning frameworks that run with a GPU support Nvidia GPUs, but if you own a AMD GPU you are out of luck. Recently AMD has made some progress with their ROCm platform for GPU computing and does now provide a TensorFlow build for their gpus. Since I work with...
05.12.2018 | 504 29 | Code-Inside Blog

Make your WCF Service async

Oh my: WCF??? This might be the elephant in the room: I wouldn’t use WCF for new stuff anymore, but to keep some “legacy” stuff working it might be a good idea to modernize those services as well. WCF Service/Client compatibility WCF services had always close relationships with their clients and so it is no suprise...
03.12.2018 | 458 0 | Code-Inside Blog

HowTo: Run a Docker container using Azure Container Instances

Azure Container Instances There are (at least) 3 diffent ways how to run a Docker Container on Azure: Using the Web App for Containers Using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Using Azure Container Instances In this blogpost we will take a small look how to run a Docker Container on this service. The “Azure Container...
13.11.2018 | 220 3 | Code-Inside Blog


This post is a result of some pretty strange SSL errors that I encountered last weekend. The scenario: I tried to setup a development environment for a website that uses a self signed SSL cert. The problem occured right after the start - especially Chrome displayed those wonderful error messages...
01.11.2018 | 461 9 | Code-Inside Blog

Be afraid of varchar(max) with async EF or ADO.NET

Last month we had changed our WCF APIs to async implementations, because we wanted all those glorious scalability improvements in our codebase. The implementation was quite easy, because our service layer did most of the time just some simple EntityFramework 6 queries. The field test went horribly wrong After we...
27.09.2018 | 285 1 | Code-Inside Blog

Migrate a .NET library to .NET Core / .NET Standard 2.0

I have a small spare time project called Sloader and I recently moved the code base to .NET Standard 2.0. This blogpost covers how I moved this library to .NET Standard. Uhmmm… wait… what is .NET Standard? If you have been living under a rock in the past year: .NET Standard is a kind of “contract” that allows the...
31.08.2018 | 253 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Improving Code

Improving code TL;DR; Things I learned: long one-liners are hard to read and understand split up your code into small, easy to understand functions less “plumping” (read infrastructure code) is the better get indentation right “Make it correct, make it clear, make it concise, make it fast. In that order.” Wes Dyer...
03.08.2018 | 233 1 | Code-Inside Blog

Easy way to copy a SQL database with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

How to copy a database on the same SQL server The scenario is pretty simple: We just want a copy of our database, with all the data and the complete scheme and permissions. 1. step: Make a back up of your source database Click on the desired database and choose “Backup” under tasks. 2. step: Use copy only or use a...
01.08.2018 | 264 2 | Code-Inside Blog

DbProviderFactories & ODP.NET: When even Oracle can be tamed

Oracle and .NET: Tales from the dark ages Each time when I tried to load data from an Oracle database it was a pretty terrible experience. I remember that I struggle to find the right Oracle driver and even when everything was installed the strange TNS ora config file popped up and nothing worked. It can be simple...
01.06.2018 | 600 3 | Code-Inside Blog

CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo() vs. new CultureInfo() - what's the difference?

The problem The problem started with a simple code: double.TryParse("1'000", NumberStyles.Any, culture, out _) Be aware that the given culture was “DE-CH” and the Swiss use the ‘ for the separator for numbers. Unfortunately the Swiss authorities have abandoned the ‘ for currencies, but it is widly used in the...
29.05.2018 | 649 0 | Code-Inside Blog

.editorconfig: Sharing a common coding style in a team

Sharing Coding Styles & Conventions In a team it is really important to set coding conventions and to use a specific coding style, because it helps to maintain the code - a lot. Of course has each developer his own “style”, but some rules should be set, otherwise it will end in a mess. Typical examples for such...
01.05.2018 | 1004 0 | Code-Inside Blog

How to test your web API with .NET Core

It’s so important to test your software automatically. Unit Tests are really great for testing small, atomic parts. But you have to ensure that your complete systems works as expected. This is where web API tests comes into play. First, some words about the motivation behind this article: A lot of people don’t want...
25.04.2018 | 921 0 | Norbert Eder

Web API und Datenbankzugriff mit Go

Go aka golang wurde hauptsächlich entwickelt, um Concurrency optimal zu unterstüzten. Daher bietet sich an, eine Web API mit Go zu entwickeln. Dieser Beitrag zeigt, was dafür notwendig ist und dass dafür nicht sonderlich viel Aufwand eingesetzt werden muss. Folgendes möchte der Beitrag zeigen: Web API mit...
11.04.2018 | 378 0 | Norbert Eder

Did you know that you can run ASP.NET Core 2 under the full framework?

This post might be obvious for some, but I really struggled a couple of month ago and I’m not sure if a Visual Studio Update fixed the problem for me or if I was just blind… The default way: Running .NET Core AFAIK the framework dropdown in the normal Visual Studio project template selector (the first window) is not...
01.04.2018 | 893 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Windows Fall Creators Update 1709 and Docker Windows Containers

Who shrunk my Windows Docker image? We started to package our ASP.NET/WCF/Full-.NET Framework based web app into Windows Containers, which we then publish to the Docker Hub. Someday we discovered that one of our new build machines produced Windows Containers only half the size: Instead of a 8GB Docker image we only...
28.02.2018 | 325 0 | Code-Inside Blog

VERLIEBT in MS SQL – eXperts gesucht!

Auch in 2018 warten jede Menge attraktive Projekte auf die eXperts! Um diese stemmen zu können, benötigen wir dringend neue Kollegen. Innovation. Community. Erfolg. Als Technologiepartner realisieren wir mit Professionalität und Leidenschaft moderne, attraktive Software auf Basis erstklassiger Architekturen und...
12.02.2018 | 366 0 | SDX Flurfunk
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