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How to share an Azure subscription in a team

We at Sevitec are moving more and more workloads for us or our customers to Azure. So the basic question needs an answer: How can a team share an Azure subscription? Be aware: This approach works for us. There might be better options. If we do something stupid, just tell me in the comments or via email - help is...
vor 21h | 21 0 | Code-Inside Blog

How to run a legacy WCF .svc Service on Azure AppService

Last month we wanted to run good old WCF powered service on Azures “App Service”. WCF… what’s that? If you are not familiar with WCF: Good! For the interested ones: WCF is or was a framework to build mostly SOAP based services in the .NET Framework 3.0 timeframe. Some parts where “good”, but most developers would...
01.09.2020 | 103 1 | Code-Inside Blog

EWS, Exchange Online and OAuth with a Service Account

This week we had a fun experiment: We wanted to talk to Exchange Online via the “old school” EWS API, but in a “sane” way. But here is the full story: Our goal We wanted to access contact information via a web service from the organization, just like the traditional “Global Address List” in Exchange/Outlook. We...
01.08.2020 | 104 1 | Code-Inside Blog

Can a .NET Core 3.0 compiled app run with a .NET Core 3.1 runtime?

Within our product we move more and more stuff in the .NET Core land. Last week we had a disussion around needed software requirements and in the .NET Framework land this question was always easy to answer: .NET Framework 4.5 or higher. With .NET Core the answer is sligthly different: In theory major versions...
01.07.2020 | 354 1 | Code-Inside Blog

SqlBulkCopy for fast bulk inserts

Within our product OneOffixx we can create a “full export” from the product database. Because of limitations with normal MS SQL backups (e.g. compatibility with older SQL databases etc.), we created our own export mechanic. An export can be up to 1GB and more. This is nothing to serious and far from “big data”, but...
01.06.2020 | 329 1 | Code-Inside Blog

Blazor for Office Add-ins: First look

Last week I did some research and tried to build a pretty basic Office Addin (within the “new” web based Addin model) with Blazor. Side note: Last year I blogged about how to build Office Add-ins with ASP.NET Core. Why Blazor? My daily work home is in the C# and .NET land, so it would be great to use Blazor for...
30.04.2020 | 359 2 | Code-Inside Blog

Escape enviroment variables in MSIEXEC parameters

Problem Customers can install our product on Windows with a standard MSI package. To automate the installation administrators can use MSIEXEC and MSI parameters to configure our client. A simple installation can look like this: msiexec /qb /i "OneOffixx.msi" ... CACHEFOLDER="D:/OneOffixx/" The “CACHEFOLDER”...
28.03.2020 | 342 1 | Code-Inside Blog

TLS/SSL probelems: 'Could not create SSLTLS secure channel'

Problem Last week I had some fun debugging a weird bug. Within our application one module makes HTTP requests to a 3rd party service and depending on the running Windows version this call worked or failed with: 'Could not create SSLTLS secure channel' I knew that older TLS/SSL versions are deprecated and that many...
01.03.2020 | 453 5 | Code-Inside Blog

Accessibility Insights: Spot accessibilities issues easily for Web Apps and Windows Apps

Accessibility Accessibility is a huge and important topic nowadays. Keep in mind that in some sectors (e.g. government, public service etc.) accessibility is a requirement by law (in Europe the European Standards EN 301 549). If you want to learn more about accessibility in general this might be handy: MDN Web Docs...
01.02.2020 | 429 4 | Code-Inside Blog

T-SQL Pagination

The problem This is pretty trivial: Let’s say you have blog with 1000 posts in your database, but you only want to show 10 entries “per page”. You need to find a way how to slice this dataset into smaller pieces. The solution In theory you could load everything from the database and filter the results “in memory”...
31.12.2019 | 703 13 | Code-Inside Blog

Did you know that you can build .NET Core apps with MSBuild.exe?

The problem We recently updated a bunch of our applications to .NET Core 3.0. Because of the compatibility changes to the “old framework” we try to move more and more projects to .NET Core, but some projects still target “.NET Framework 4.7.2”, but they should work “ok-ish” when used from .NET Core 3.0 applications...
01.12.2019 | 303 0 | Code-Inside Blog

IdentityServer & Azure AD Login: Unkown Response Type text/html

The problem Last week we had some problems with our Microsoft Graph / Azure AD login based system. From a user perspective it was all good until the redirect from the Microsoft Account to our IdentityServer. As STS and for all auth related stuff we use the excellent IdentityServer4. We used the following...
13.10.2019 | 416 2 | Code-Inside Blog

Enforce Administrator mode for builded dotnet exe applications

The problem Let’s say you have a .exe application builded from Visual Studio and the application always needs to be run from an administrator account. Windows Vista introduced the “User Account Control” (UAC) and such applications are marked with a special “shield” icon like this: TL;DR-version: To build such an...
30.09.2019 | 259 1 | Code-Inside Blog

Check installed version for ASP.NET Core on Windows IIS with Powershell

The problem Let’s say you have a ASP.NET Core application without the bundled ASP.NET Core runtime (e.g. to keep the download as small as possible) and you want to run your ASP.NET Core application on a Windows Server hosted by IIS. General approach The general approach is the following: Install the .NET Core...
01.09.2019 | 524 8 | Code-Inside Blog

SQL Server, Named Instances & the Windows Firewall

The problem “Cannot connect to sql\instance. A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL...
01.08.2019 | 404 7 | Code-Inside Blog

Jint: Invoke Javascript from .NET

If you ever dreamed to use Javascript in your .NET application there is a simple way: Use Jint. Jint implements the ECMA 5.1 spec and can be use from any .NET implementation (Xamarin, .NET Framework, .NET Core). Just use the NuGet package and has no dependencies to other stuff - it’s a single .dll and you are done!...
01.07.2019 | 329 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Build Windows Server 2016 Docker Images under Windows Server 2019

Since the uprising of Docker on Windows we also invested some time into it and packages our OneOffixx server side stack in a Docker image. Windows Server 2016 situation: We rely on Windows Docker Images, because we still have some “legacy” parts that requires the full .NET Framework, thats why we are using this base...
01.06.2019 | 452 5 | Code-Inside Blog

Update OnPrem TFS 2018 to AzureDevOps Server 2019

We recently updated our OnPrem TFS 2018 installation to the newest release: Azure DevOps Server The product has the same core features as TFS 2018, but with a new UI and other improvements. For a full list you should read the Release Notes. *Be aware: This is the OnPrem solution, even with the slightly missleading...
01.05.2019 | 475 4 | Code-Inside Blog

[Webcast] Softwarequalität Teil 1 - Einführung

Es ist mal wieder Webcast-Zeit - nach etlichen Anfragen in den letzten Tagen habe ich heute wieder mein Studio-Equipment aufgebaut und den Vortrag des .NET Day Franken als Webcast aufgezeichnet. Da auf der Konferenz schon die vorgegebenen 70 Minuten sehr knapp bemessen waren, habe ich das Ganze auf mehrere Folgen...
12.04.2019 | 330 1 | David Tielke

Load hierarchical data from MSSQL with recursive common table expressions

Scenario We have a pretty simple scenario: We have a table with a simple Id + ParentId schema and some demo data in it. I have seen this design quite a lot in the past and in the relational database world this is the obvious choice. Problem Each data entry is really simple to load or manipulate. Just load the...
01.04.2019 | 381 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Check Scheduled Tasks with Powershell

Task Scheduler via Powershell Let’s say we want to know the latest result of the “GoogleUpdateTaskMachineCore” task and the corresponding actions. All you have to do is this (in a Run-As-Administrator Powershell console) : Get-ScheduledTask | where TaskName -EQ 'GoogleUpdateTaskMachineCore' | Get-ScheduledTaskInfo...
27.02.2019 | 830 37 | Code-Inside Blog

Office Add-ins with ASP.NET Core

The “new” Office-Addins Most people might associate Offce-Addins with “old school” COM addins, but since a couple of years Microsoft pushes a new add-in application modal powered by HTML, Javascript and CSS. The cool stuff is, that these add-ins will run unter Windows, macOS, Online in a browser and on the iPad. If...
01.02.2019 | 517 0 | Code-Inside Blog

How to use TensorFlow with AMD GPU's

How to use TensorFlow with AMD GPU’s Most machine learning frameworks that run with a GPU support Nvidia GPUs, but if you own a AMD GPU you are out of luck. Recently AMD has made some progress with their ROCm platform for GPU computing and does now provide a TensorFlow build for their gpus. Since I work with...
05.12.2018 | 824 29 | Code-Inside Blog

Make your WCF Service async

Oh my: WCF??? This might be the elephant in the room: I wouldn’t use WCF for new stuff anymore, but to keep some “legacy” stuff working it might be a good idea to modernize those services as well. WCF Service/Client compatibility WCF services had always close relationships with their clients and so it is no suprise...
03.12.2018 | 798 0 | Code-Inside Blog

HowTo: Run a Docker container using Azure Container Instances

Azure Container Instances There are (at least) 3 diffent ways how to run a Docker Container on Azure: Using the Web App for Containers Using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Using Azure Container Instances In this blogpost we will take a small look how to run a Docker Container on this service. The “Azure Container...
13.11.2018 | 494 3 | Code-Inside Blog
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