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Customizing ASP.​NET Core Part 01: Logging

In this first part of the new blog series about customizing ASP.NET Core, I will show you how to customize the logging. The default logging only writes to the console or to the debug window. This is quite good for the most cases, but maybe you need to log to a sink like a file or a database. Maybe you want to extend...
20.09.2018 | 14 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

New Blog Series: Customizing ASP.​NET Core

With this post I want to introduce a new blog series about things you can or maybe need to customize in ASP.NET Core. Initially this series will contain ten different topics. Maybe later I'll write some more posts about that. The initial topics are based on my talk about Customizing ASP.NET Core. I did this talk...
18.09.2018 | 5 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

Migrate a .NET library to .NET Core / .NET Standard 2.0

I have a small spare time project called Sloader and I recently moved the code base to .NET Standard 2.0. This blogpost covers how I moved this library to .NET Standard. Uhmmm… wait… what is .NET Standard? If you have been living under a rock in the past year: .NET Standard is a kind of “contract” that allows the...
31.08.2018 | 52 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Improving Code

Improving code TL;DR; Things I learned: long one-liners are hard to read and understand split up your code into small, easy to understand functions less “plumping” (read infrastructure code) is the better get indentation right “Make it correct, make it clear, make it concise, make it fast. In that order.” Wes Dyer...
03.08.2018 | 65 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Easy way to copy a SQL database with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

How to copy a database on the same SQL server The scenario is pretty simple: We just want a copy of our database, with all the data and the complete scheme and permissions. 1. step: Make a back up of your source database Click on the desired database and choose “Backup” under tasks. 2. step: Use copy only or use a...
01.08.2018 | 91 1 | Code-Inside Blog

Live streaming ideas

With this post, I'd like to share some ideas about two live streaming shows with you. It would be cool to get some feedback from you, especially from the German speaking readers as well. The first idea is about an German speaking .NET Developer Community Standup and the second one is about a live coding stream...
20.07.2018 | 76 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

Configuring HTTPS in ASP.NET Core 2.1

Finally HTTPS gets into ASP.NET Core. It was there before back in 1.1, but was kinda tricky to configure. It was available in 2.0 bit not configured by default. Now it is part of the default configuration and pretty much visible and present to the developers who will create a new ASP.NET Core 2.1 project. So the...
09.07.2018 | 269 2 | Jürgen Gutsch

Four times in a row

One year later, it is the July 1st and I got the email from the Global MVP Administrator. I got the MVP award the fourth time in a row :) I'm pretty proud and honored about that and I'm really happy to be part of the great MVP community one year more. I'm also looking forward to the Global MVP Summit next year to...
02.07.2018 | 106 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

#DWX2018 - Inhalte meiner Sessions, Workshops und Fernseh- und Radiointerviews

Vom 25.06. bis 28.06. fand auch in diesem Jahr wieder die Developer Week 2018 in Nürnberg statt. An vier Tagen öffnete das NCC Ost des Messezentrums Nürnberg die Pforten um tausenden wissenshungrigen Entwicklern zu empfangen, die sich in Sessions und Workshops rund um das Thema Softwareentwicklung schlau machen...
02.07.2018 | 60 0 | David Tielke

Slides vom Agile Talks Day

Hier die Slides meines Talks vom Agile Talks Day. Von der Idee zur App: Agile Entwicklung mit Storyboards
08.06.2018 | 94 1 | HeadWriteLine

Creating a signature pad using Canvas and ASP.​NET Core Razor Pages

In one of our projects, we needed to add a possibility to add signatures to PDF documents. A technician fills out a checklist online and a responsible person and the technician need to sign the checklist afterwards. The signatures then gets embedded into a generated pdf document together with the results of the...
05.06.2018 | 424 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

DbProviderFactories & ODP.NET: When even Oracle can be tamed

Oracle and .NET: Tales from the dark ages Each time when I tried to load data from an Oracle database it was a pretty terrible experience. I remember that I struggle to find the right Oracle driver and even when everything was installed the strange TNS ora config file popped up and nothing worked. It can be simple...
01.06.2018 | 377 1 | Code-Inside Blog

CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo() vs. new CultureInfo() - what's the difference?

The problem The problem started with a simple code: double.TryParse("1'000", NumberStyles.Any, culture, out _) Be aware that the given culture was “DE-CH” and the Swiss use the ‘ for the separator for numbers. Unfortunately the Swiss authorities have abandoned the ‘ for currencies, but it is widly used in the...
29.05.2018 | 463 0 | Code-Inside Blog

UWP XAML Islands. Alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen?

Kevin Gallo hat auf der diesjährigen Microsoft Build Konferenz jüngst mit Begeisterung die UWP XAML Islands angekündigt. Im Grunde genommen geht es bei diesem Thema lediglich darum, all die schönen UI Features aus dem modernen UWP Universum in praktisch allen Windows Applikationstypen verfügbar zu machen. Also neben...
09.05.2018 | 144 0 | Top Technologies DevBlog

dotnet Cologne 2018 - Folien meines Vortrags über serviceorientierte Architekturen

Heute bin auch ich endlich mit der dotnet Cologne 2018 in das Konferenzjahr gestartet. Auf der von der .NET Usergroup Köln/Bonn e.V. jährlich veranstalteten Konferenz, durfte ich für meinen langjährigen Partner Developer Media zum ersten Mal als Sprecher teilnehmen. Während viele neue und hippe Themen auf der Agenda...
04.05.2018 | 120 0 | David Tielke

Neues, cooles SDX Office in München

Seit 01.05. sind wir in München in der Luise-Ullrich-Str. zu Hause. Innovation. Community. Erfolg. Als Technologiepartner realisiert SDX mit Professionalität und Leidenschaft moderne, attraktive Software auf Basis erstklassiger Architekturen und aktueller Methoden. Dadurch erreichen wir nachhaltigen Erfolg und einen...
04.05.2018 | 127 0 | SDX Flurfunk

.editorconfig: Sharing a common coding style in a team

Sharing Coding Styles & Conventions In a team it is really important to set coding conventions and to use a specific coding style, because it helps to maintain the code - a lot. Of course has each developer his own “style”, but some rules should be set, otherwise it will end in a mess. Typical examples for such...
01.05.2018 | 434 0 | Code-Inside Blog

How to test your web API with .NET Core

It’s so important to test your software automatically. Unit Tests are really great for testing small, atomic parts. But you have to ensure that your complete systems works as expected. This is where web API tests comes into play. First, some words about the motivation behind this article: A lot of people don’t want...
25.04.2018 | 486 0 | Norbert Eder

A generic logger factory facade for classic ASP.NET

ASP.NET Core already has this feature. There is a ILoggerFactory to create a logger. You are able to inject the ILoggerFactory to your component (Controller, Service, etc.) and to create a named logger out of it. During testing you are able to replace this factory with a mock, to not test the logger as well...
13.04.2018 | 130 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

Creating Dummy Data Using GenFu

Two years ago I already wrote about playing around with GenFu and I still use it now, as mentioned in that post. When I do a demo, or when I write blog posts and articles, I often need dummy data and I use GenFu to create it. But every time I use it in a talk or a demo, somebody still asks me a question about it...
11.04.2018 | 129 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Core und Custom Formatter

Der Datenaustausch kann in ASP.NET Core MVC per JSON, XML bzw. reinem Text geschehen. Dies ist allerdings nicht für alle Fälle ausreichend. Daher kann man selbst eingreifen und für zusätzliche Unterstützung sorgen. Dieser Artikel zeigt, wie man das iCalendar-Format unterstützt. Grundlagen Formatter werden verwendet...
05.04.2018 | 571 0 | Norbert Eder

Did you know that you can run ASP.NET Core 2 under the full framework?

This post might be obvious for some, but I really struggled a couple of month ago and I’m not sure if a Visual Studio Update fixed the problem for me or if I was just blind… The default way: Running .NET Core AFAIK the framework dropdown in the normal Visual Studio project template selector (the first window) is not...
01.04.2018 | 630 0 | Code-Inside Blog

Running and Coding

I wasn't really sporty before two years, but anyway active. I was also forced to be active with three little kids and a sporty and lovely women. But anyway, a job where I mostly sit in a comfortable chair, even great food and good southern German beers also did its work. When I first met my wife, I had around 80 Kg...
30.03.2018 | 150 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

Why I use paket now

I never really had any major problem using the NuGet client. By reading the Twitter timeline, it seems I am the only one without problems. But depending on what dev process you like to use, there could be a problem. This is not really a NuGet fault, but this process makes the usage of NuGet a little bit more complex...
29.03.2018 | 175 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

Recap the MVP Global Summit 2018

Being a MVP has a lot of benefits. Getting free tools, software and Azure credits are just a few of them. The direct connection to the product group has a lot more value than all software. Even more valuable is the is the fact of being a part of an expert community with more than 3700 MVPs from around the world. In...
28.03.2018 | 136 0 | Jürgen Gutsch
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