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ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 01: NDC Conference Videos

Maybe you already know the NDC Conferenced that are organized around the world (like Oslo, London, Sydney and Minnesota). Did you already know the there is a YouTube channel with almost al of the recorded sessions? The NDC organizers publish the recording around the weeks after the conferences and you are able to...
01.12.2019 | 732 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

Did you know that you can build .NET Core apps with MSBuild.exe?

The problem We recently updated a bunch of our applications to .NET Core 3.0. Because of the compatibility changes to the “old framework” we try to move more and more projects to .NET Core, but some projects still target “.NET Framework 4.7.2”, but they should work “ok-ish” when used from .NET Core 3.0 applications...
01.12.2019 | 835 1 | Code-Inside Blog

Slides von der DDC 2019

Hier die Slides meines Workshops von der .NET Developer Conference: Cross Platform App Development mit Xamarin.Forms
27.11.2019 | 985 1 | HeadWriteLine

ASP.NET Core 3.0 Weather Application - The gRPC Client

Introduction I'm going to write an application that reads weather data in, stores them and provides statistical information about that weather. In this case I use downloaded data from a weather station in Kent (WA). I'm going to simulate a day in two seconds. I will write a small gRPC services which will be our...
22.11.2019 | 482 2 | Jürgen Gutsch

ASP.NET Hack Advent

During this years Advent, I'd like to post a kind of an Advent calendar. Until December 24th I'm going to post a link to a good community resource and a few lines about it. The resource should be about ASP.NET Core, .NET Core or C# or a related topic. This resource might be a blog post, a useful open source software...
21.11.2019 | 473 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

Slides von der W-JAX

Hier die Slides meiner Talks von der W-JAX: Let’s Flutter: Cross Platform a la Google Retro Computing: Spaß mit C64 & 8 Bit
11.11.2019 | 813 0 | HeadWriteLine

Material von der EKON

Hier die Slides meines Talks von der EKON: Azure Cognitive Services - Machine Learning aus der Dose
28.10.2019 | 772 2 | HeadWriteLine

Material von der WDC

Hier die Slides meiner Talks von der Web Developer Conference: Let’s Flutter: Cross Platform a la Google Web UI - Patterns & Practices
16.10.2019 | 779 0 | HeadWriteLine

ASP.NET Core 3.0 Weather Application - The gRPC Server

Introduction As mentioned in the last post, the next couple of posts will be a series that describes how to build a kind of a microservice application that reads weather data in, stores them and provides statistical information about that weather. I'm going to use gRPC, Worker Services, SignalR, Blazor and maybe the...
15.10.2019 | 924 8 | Jürgen Gutsch

IdentityServer & Azure AD Login: Unkown Response Type text/html

The problem Last week we had some problems with our Microsoft Graph / Azure AD login based system. From a user perspective it was all good until the redirect from the Microsoft Account to our IdentityServer. As STS and for all auth related stuff we use the excellent IdentityServer4. We used the following...
13.10.2019 | 1005 2 | Code-Inside Blog

Cascadia Code: Neuer Font für Visual Studio Code

Microsoft hat einen neuen nichtproportionalen (monospaced) Font (für Visual Studio Code, Terminal etc.) veröffentlicht: Cascadia Code. This is a fun, new monospaced font that includes programming ligatures and is designed to enhance the modern look and feel of the Windows Terminal. Ich habe den Font getestet und...
10.10.2019 | 711 0 | Norbert Eder

New in ASP.NET Core 3.0: Worker Services

I mentioned in on of the first posts of this series, that we are now able to create ASP.NET Core applications without a web server and without all the HTTP stuff that is needed to provide content via HTTP or HTTPS. At the first glance it sounds wired. Why should I create a ASP.NET application that doesn't provide any...
02.10.2019 | 656 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

Enforce Administrator mode for builded dotnet exe applications

The problem Let’s say you have a .exe application builded from Visual Studio and the application always needs to be run from an administrator account. Windows Vista introduced the “User Account Control” (UAC) and such applications are marked with a special “shield” icon like this: TL;DR-version: To build such an...
30.09.2019 | 952 1 | Code-Inside Blog

New in ASP.NET Core 3.0 - Blazor Client Side

In the last post we had a quick look into Blazor Server Side, which doesn't really differ on the hosting level. This is a regular ASP.NET Core application that will run on a web server. Blazor Client Site on the other hand differs for sure, because it doesn't need a web server, it completely runs in the browser...
30.09.2019 | 708 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

.NET Conf 2019

From September 23 to 25 the .NET Conf 2019, hosted by Microsoft, was running virtually on Twitch. Like last year the third day was full of talks done by the community. As well as last year, I also did a talk this year. I talked about the ASP.NET Core Health Checks and it went much better this time. There were no...
27.09.2019 | 475 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

Material von der BASTA

Hier das Material meiner Talks von der BASTA: Keynote: Vom Kern zum Frontend User Experience Design für Entwickler User Experience Design mit Xamarin und UWP Das Material meines Workshops "Intelligente Apps entwickeln mit Azure Machine Learning, ML.NET und Cognitive Services" erhalten Sie gern auf Anfrage.
26.09.2019 | 770 0 | HeadWriteLine

Material vom Agile Talks Day 2019

Hier die Folien meines Talks vom Agile Talks Day: Agiles Testen am Beispiel der Mobile App Entwicklung
26.09.2019 | 791 1 | HeadWriteLine

Neu in ASP.NET Core 3.0 - Blazor Server Side

To have a look into the generic hosting models, we should also have a look into the different application models we have in ASP.NET Core. In this and the next post I'm going to write about Blazor, which is a new member of the ASP.NET Core family. To be more precisely, Blazor are two members of the ASP.NET Core family...
10.09.2019 | 934 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

Check installed version for ASP.NET Core on Windows IIS with Powershell

The problem Let’s say you have a ASP.NET Core application without the bundled ASP.NET Core runtime (e.g. to keep the download as small as possible) and you want to run your ASP.NET Core application on a Windows Server hosted by IIS. General approach The general approach is the following: Install the .NET Core...
01.09.2019 | 1102 10 | Code-Inside Blog

Artikel in der aktuellen dotnetpro

In der aktuellen dotnetpro (9/2019) ist mein Artikel über Google Flutter erschienen. Cross-Plattform à la Google
19.08.2019 | 918 0 | HeadWriteLine

ASP.NET Core 3.0: Endpoint Routing

The last two posts were just a quick look into the Program.cs and the Startup.cs . This time I want to have a little deeper look into the new endpoint routing. Wait! Sometimes I have an Idea about a specific topic to write about and start writing. While writing I'm remembering that I maybe already wrote about...
16.08.2019 | 659 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

I the last post, I took a quick look into the `Program.cs` of ASP.NET Core 3.0 and I quickly explored the Generic Hos...

I the last post, I took a quick look into the Program.cs of ASP.NET Core 3.0 and I quickly explored the Generic Hosting Model. But also the Startup class has something new in it. We will see some small but important changes. Just one thing I forgot to mention in the last post: It should just work ASP.NET Core...
12.08.2019 | 935 0 | Jürgen Gutsch

New in ASP.NET Core 3.0 - Generic Hosting Environment

In ASP.NET Core 3.0 the hosting environment changes to get more generic. Hosting is not longer bound to Kestrel and not longer bound to ASP.NET Core. This means you are able to create a host, that doesn't start the Kestrel web server and doesn't need to use the ASP.NET Core Framework. This is a small introduction...
05.08.2019 | 697 4 | Jürgen Gutsch

SQL Server, Named Instances & the Windows Firewall

The problem “Cannot connect to sql\instance. A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL...
01.08.2019 | 897 20 | Code-Inside Blog

#DWX2019 - Inhalt meiner Sessions

Das war sie wieder, die Developer Week 2019 in Nürnberg. An drei Konferenztagen und natürlich dem traditionellen Workshoptag am Donnerstag sind wir alle erschöpft aber glücklich zuhause wieder angekommen. Neben Sessions zu CoCo 2.0 und Softwarequalität, gab es in diesem Jahr auch zwei Abendveranstaltungen von mir...
19.07.2019 | 727 0 | David Tielke
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