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How to get all distribution lists of a user with a single LDAP query

In 2007 I wrote a blogpost how easy it is to get all “groups” of a given user via the tokenGroup attribute. Last month I had the task to check why “distribution list memberships” are not part of the result. The reason is simple: A pure distribution list (not security enabled) is not a security group and only...
31.12.2020 | 1240 7 | Code-Inside Blog

New in ASP.NET Core 3.0 - Generic Hosting Environment

In ASP.NET Core 3.0 the hosting environment changes to get more generic. Hosting is not longer bound to Kestrel and not longer bound to ASP.NET Core. This means you are able to create a host, that doesn't start the Kestrel web server and doesn't need to use the ASP.NET Core Framework. This is a small introduction...
12.12.2020 | 3371 48 | Jürgen Gutsch

Update AzureDevOps Server 2019 to AzureDevOps Server 2019 Update 1

We did this update in May 2020, but I forgot to publish the blogpost… so here we are Last year we updated to Azure DevOps Server 2019 and it went more or less smooth. In May we decided to update to the “newest” release at that time: Azure DevOps Server 2019 Update 1.1 Setup Our AzureDevOps Server was running on a...
30.11.2020 | 891 4 | Code-Inside Blog

Slides von der W-JAX

Hier die Slides meiner Talks von der W-JAX: Apps intelligenter machen: Machine Learning für Entwickler Schön und ungebunden: Leichtgewichtige UI-Komponenten fürs Web entwickeln
04.11.2020 | 939 2 | HeadWriteLine

DllRegisterServer 0x80020009 Error

Last week I had a very strange issue and the solution was really “easy”, but took me a while. Scenario For our products we build Office COM Addins with a C++ based “Shim” that boots up our .NET code (e.g. something like this. As the nature of COM: It requires some pretty dumb registry entries to work and in theory...
01.11.2020 | 744 3 | Code-Inside Blog

Slides von der WDC

Hier die Slides meines Workshops von der Web Developer Conference: "Schön und ungebunden: Leichtgewichtige UI-Komponenten fürs Web entwickeln"
15.10.2020 | 890 2 | HeadWriteLine

How to share an Azure subscription in a team

We at Sevitec are moving more and more workloads for us or our customers to Azure. So the basic question needs an answer: How can a team share an Azure subscription? Be aware: This approach works for us. There might be better options. If we do something stupid, just tell me in the comments or via email - help is...
30.09.2020 | 894 3 | Code-Inside Blog

.NET Conf 2019

From September 23 to 25 the .NET Conf 2019, hosted by Microsoft, was running virtually on Twitch. Like last year the third day was full of talks done by the community. As well as last year, I also did a talk this year. I talked about the ASP.NET Core Health Checks and it went much better this time. There were no...
27.09.2020 | 2200 33 | Jürgen Gutsch

Slides von der BASTA

Hier die Slides meiner Talks von der BASTA: Schön und ungebunden: Leichtgewichtige UI-Komponenten fürs Web entwickeln Web UI Feuerwerk mit SVG und der Web Animation API Die Unterlagen meines Workshops "Intelligente Apps entwickeln mit Azure Machine Learning, ML.NET und Cognitive Services" bekommen Sie gerne auf...
25.09.2020 | 898 1 | HeadWriteLine

How to run a legacy WCF .svc Service on Azure AppService

Last month we wanted to run good old WCF powered service on Azures “App Service”. WCF… what’s that? If you are not familiar with WCF: Good! For the interested ones: WCF is or was a framework to build mostly SOAP based services in the .NET Framework 3.0 timeframe. Some parts where “good”, but most developers would...
01.09.2020 | 993 6 | Code-Inside Blog

ASP.NET Core Health Checks

Since a while I planned to write about the ASP.NET Health Checks which are actually pretty cool. The development of the ASP.NET Core Health Checks started in fall 2016. At that time it was a architectural draft. In November 2016 during the Global MVP Summit in Redmond we got ask to hack some health checks based on the...
20.08.2020 | 725 2 | Jürgen Gutsch

EWS, Exchange Online and OAuth with a Service Account

This week we had a fun experiment: We wanted to talk to Exchange Online via the “old school” EWS API, but in a “sane” way. But here is the full story: Our goal We wanted to access contact information via a web service from the organization, just like the traditional “Global Address List” in Exchange/Outlook. We...
01.08.2020 | 913 8 | Code-Inside Blog

Getting the .editorconfig working with the .NET Framework and MSBuild

I demonstrated my results of the last post about the .editorconfig to the team last week. They were quite happy about the fact that the build fails on a code style error but there was one question I couldn't really answer. The Question was: Does this also work for .NET Framework? It should, because it is Roslyn...
24.07.2020 | 889 2 | Jürgen Gutsch

.NET Interactive in Jupyter Notebooks

Since almost a year I do a lot of Python projects. Actually Python isn't that bad. Python and Flask to build web applications work almost similar to NodeJS and ExpressJS. Similarly to NodeJS, Python development is really great using Visual Studio Code. People who are used to use Python know Jupyter Notebooks to...
22.07.2020 | 829 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

Getting the .editorconfig working with MSBuild

UPDATE: While trying the .editorconfig and writing this post, I did a fundamental mistake. I added a ruleset file to the projects and this is the reason why it worked. It wasn't really the .editorconfig in this case. I'm really sorry about that. Please find this post to learn how it is really working. In January I...
08.07.2020 | 788 2 | Jürgen Gutsch

Slides von der DWX Home

Hier die Slides meines Talks von der DWX Home: Von der Idee zur App: Agile Konzeption mit Storyboards
03.07.2020 | 867 1 | HeadWriteLine

Can a .NET Core 3.0 compiled app run with a .NET Core 3.1 runtime?

Within our product we move more and more stuff in the .NET Core land. Last week we had a disussion around needed software requirements and in the .NET Framework land this question was always easy to answer: .NET Framework 4.5 or higher. With .NET Core the answer is sligthly different: In theory major versions...
01.07.2020 | 1063 5 | Code-Inside Blog

Exploring Orchard Core - Part 1

Since I while I planned to try out the Orchard Core Application Framework. Back than I saw an awesome video where Sébastien Ros showed an early version of Orchard Core. If I remember right it was this ASP.NET Community Standup: ASP.NET Community Standup - November 27, 2018 - Sebastien Ros on Headless CMS with Orchard...
29.06.2020 | 592 1 | Jürgen Gutsch

[Off-Topic] 2020 will be a year full of challenges

This post really is off-topic. It seemed that 2020 started to get a good year. Live was kind of normal and I was looking forward to the upcoming events. Community events as well as family events. I was really looking forward to the MVP Summit 2020, to meet good friends again and to visit my favorite city in the US...
08.06.2020 | 1059 3 | Jürgen Gutsch

SqlBulkCopy for fast bulk inserts

Within our product OneOffixx we can create a “full export” from the product database. Because of limitations with normal MS SQL backups (e.g. compatibility with older SQL databases etc.), we created our own export mechanic. An export can be up to 1GB and more. This is nothing to serious and far from “big data”, but...
01.06.2020 | 933 1 | Code-Inside Blog

Blazor for Office Add-ins: First look

Last week I did some research and tried to build a pretty basic Office Addin (within the “new” web based Addin model) with Blazor. Side note: Last year I blogged about how to build Office Add-ins with ASP.NET Core. Why Blazor? My daily work home is in the C# and .NET land, so it would be great to use Blazor for...
30.04.2020 | 1576 3 | Code-Inside Blog

Escape enviroment variables in MSIEXEC parameters

Problem Customers can install our product on Windows with a standard MSI package. To automate the installation administrators can use MSIEXEC and MSI parameters to configure our client. A simple installation can look like this: msiexec /qb /i "OneOffixx.msi" ... CACHEFOLDER="D:/OneOffixx/" The “CACHEFOLDER”...
28.03.2020 | 960 3 | Code-Inside Blog

TLS/SSL probelems: 'Could not create SSLTLS secure channel'

Problem Last week I had some fun debugging a weird bug. Within our application one module makes HTTP requests to a 3rd party service and depending on the running Windows version this call worked or failed with: 'Could not create SSLTLS secure channel' I knew that older TLS/SSL versions are deprecated and that many...
01.03.2020 | 1119 5 | Code-Inside Blog

Material von der BASTA! Spring

Hier das Material meiner Talks von der BASTA Spring: Keynote: Machine Learning: Softwareentwicklung 2.0? Let’s Flutter: Cross Platform à la Google User Experience Design für Entwickler Von der Idee zur App: Agile Konzeption mit Storyboards Das Material meines Workshops "Intelligente Apps entwickeln mit Azure Machine...
28.02.2020 | 911 1 | HeadWriteLine

Accessibility Insights: Spot accessibilities issues easily for Web Apps and Windows Apps

Accessibility Accessibility is a huge and important topic nowadays. Keep in mind that in some sectors (e.g. government, public service etc.) accessibility is a requirement by law (in Europe the European Standards EN 301 549). If you want to learn more about accessibility in general this might be handy: MDN Web Docs...
01.02.2020 | 1018 4 | Code-Inside Blog
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