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Microsoft //build Ausverkauft

Da die //build komplett ausverkauft ist bringen wir die //build zu Euch und veranstalten //build Keynotestreamings in Graz, Linz und Wien. Meldet Euch noch heute an, die Plätze sind begrenzt!

Die //build wird vom 30. März bis 1. April 2016 in San Francisco stattfinden.

Zur Einstimmung findet Ihr hier den Rückblick auf die //build Konferenz des Vorjahrs, unter anderem die Keynote von Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Keynote Tag 1:

  • Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella describes Microsoft's opportunity to Build the Intelligent Cloud, Reinvent productivity and business process and create more personal computing.
  • Scott Guthrie explains how Microsoft's Azure is poised to create the Intelligent Cloud.
  • Satya explains how Microsoft Office is evolving to reinvent productivity.
  • Terry Myerson explained how Windows 10 will create more personal computing with new bridges to enable developers to evolve their code into Windows 10 to enable phones, tablets, desktop, Xbox and Holograms.

Keynote Tag 2: Microsoft's Chief Technical Evangelist, Steve Guggenheimer and Chief Geek, John Shewchuk drilled deeper into the concepts explained in day 1 by providing coding deep dives.

  • Media and entertainment reinvention were seen with Muzik Official's Bluetooth wireless drumsticks,
  • Acumatica's use of Power BI illustrated how to rethink reporting.
  • New open source projects Vorlon and Manifold.JS were introduced.
  • David Treadwell and Kevin Gallo showed how to build a universal Windows App and gave a peek at the code required to move Android and iOS apps forward.
  • Joseph Sirosh described the connected cow, talked about machine learning with March Madness and Genomics and brought How-Old.Net to the mainstream.
  • Briana Roberts and Aidan Brady introduced a Minecraft modding project to Visual Studio using Java.

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