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Der SharePoint Trench befasst sich mit den "Down-to-Earth" Problemen welche jeden SharePoint Entwickler tagtäglich treffen. Kurze Tips, Ankündigungen und Anleitungen aus der echten Projektwelt sollen hier weitergegeben werden.
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Andreas Aschauer studierte Software Engineering an der TU Wien. Neben dem Studium und danach war er als Software Entwickler und Consultant bereits bei verschiedenen internationalen Konzernen tätig wo er seit Version 1.0 des .NET Frameworks Desktop und Web- Anwendungen entwickelte. In seiner Tätigkeit als Trainer für SharePoint Development, konnte er umfangreiche Erfahrung im Bereich sammeln. Als Geschäftsführer & Inhaber der Firma CodeForce OG führt er, gemeinsam mit Mario Meir-Huber, Projekte im Microsoft Sharepoint Umfeld durch, sowohl Beratung als auch Entwicklung. Als aktiver Blogger bei der Microsoft Developer & Platform Group, sowie als Sprecher auf internationalen Konferenzen vermittelt er Sharepoint Wissen und auch klassische Software Engineering Themen.
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Microsoft SharePoint Server: Add a Webpart to a Site Page in a Sandboxed Solution – what is necessary?

I recently had to add a WebPart to a Sandboxed Solution for one of our upcoming Products. Basically, adding a WebPart to a Sandboxed Solution is straight-forward, however for Sandboxed Solution s some other tasks are required. Often, this results in an Error that stating “Failed to load Assembly. The System can’t find the Assembly or one of its dependencies”. This occurs ...
deployment sandboxed-solution webpart
15.05.2012 | 938 0

Comments on the SharePoint Trench

Sorry everyone for the many non-approved comments! As of now there are 2443 comments waiting for approval – with a LOT OF SPAM in between, we are working on getting this SPAM issue fixed so that your questions and comments actually appear on the blog. Just hang on a bit :Winking smile
04.05.2012 | 1175 0

Solutions from the SharePoint Field: Color Code a SharePoint Calendar

There are many solutions out there to colour code calendar views in a SharePoint calendar list. Most of them involve calculated fields. Here is an easy straight-forward JQuery way to do basic colouring of events. First, we need a field to do the conditional formatting on. Any field is good. For the example, just create a field “ApprovalStatus” of type choice and give it three ...
client-development resolved
04.05.2012 | 949 0

Solutions from the SharePoint field: Get the status of a workflow with a CAML query

Today I asked myself a simple question, how to get all ListItems with a certain WorkflowStatus by using a CAML query. Which seemed to be a trivial question, started to get more complex than I thought. If you add a Workflow to a list a field gets added, using the workflow name as DisplayName and the first 8 alphanumeric letters as Name. So if you got MyLongWorkflowName the name will be ...
28.04.2012 | 950 0

SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update: February 2012 CU for SharePoint 2010 available

The February 2012 cumulative update (CU) is available for download for SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010. As always these are “uber” packages, meaning the server package contains the foundation package. Links SharePoint Server 2010 February 2012 CU http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2597150 SharePoint Foundation 2010 February ...
anouncements updates
16.03.2012 | 1422 0

SharePoint Summit 2012 : SharePoint Training Event

SPS_2012_Webbanner_content_ad_v2The city of Cologne, Germany will host this years’ SharePoint Summit 2012. SharePoint Summit is not the classical conference – it’s a training event . Five Top-of-The-Line SharePoint experts will share knowledge in a two track half-day workshop style. Unlike 60 minute sessions, participants will dive deep into the matter in the half day ...
anouncements event
21.02.2012 | 987 0

SharePoint 2010 new Synchronous "After” Event Model

It still is not a very commonly known enhancement, SharePoint 2010 introduces the possibility to run “after” events like ItemAdded, WebAdded and FieldAdded and so on, which normally are executed asynchronously, synchronously. Figure 1 shows how events are executed. Up until SP 2010 the “After” events each where executed on a separate thread. This might present an issue when an ...
deployment eventhandling server-side-development
26.01.2012 | 1204 0

Findings in the SharePoint Server OM Source Code:

Not good Smile SPgoto Nonetheless, Happy SharePoint’ing
anouncements bestpractices
26.01.2012 | 1173 0

SharePoint 2010 Product Updates: SharePoint 2010 December 2011 Cumulative Update

... a christmas present the SharePoint Product team has realeased the december 2011 Cumulative Update Packages for SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010. The updates and relevant KB articles detailing the contents can be found here SharePoint Foundation 2010 KB: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid kb;EN-US;2597058 Download: ...
anouncements updates
18.12.2011 | 1154 0

Generating CAML: Using Linq – to – SharePoint to generate complex CAML queries

Just a quick tip on mastering these complex projections and other stuff. Use Linq-to-SharePoint to generate Entity classes, then set the LINQ Providers “Log” Property to log the generated CAML to a text file and finally – use that CMAL to create your queries. Excellent post about this here ...
client-development dataaccess server-side-development
13.11.2011 | 1100 0

Get-SPWeb CmdLet Errors: Get-SPWeb fails with “Web not found”

Just a quick fix for those needing to adjust permissions to deploy solutions via SharePoint’s Powershell CmdLets. Recently we had to do a deployment on a customer SharePoint Farm. As usual we had the administrator give our deployment account shell administration rights via add-spshelladmin – UserName [username]. That does the trick, but one thing remained mysterious – the ...
administration deployment powershell resolved sp2010
02.11.2011 | 1186 0

Real-World SharePoint: Troubleshoot Errors in Microsoft SharePoint Configuration Wizard

... Wizard) was executed and after some minutes run time reported an error and aborted the upgrade . After some investigation we found that the WWW Publishing Service was stopped after psconfig errored out. ... not have local admin rights, and by this has no access to the directory. Two steps resolved the issue: The permissions can be set by typing “Component Services” into the start menu, ...
administration resolved service-applications upgrade
19.10.2011 | 1099 0

August CU: August 11 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server / Foundation is out!

The new August 11 CU for SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Project Server 2010 is out. There is big news as to how Microsoft changed the packaging. For the first time the August 11 CU is delivered as an “Uber” Package. This means – no more downloading of multiple packages. The SPF package includes SPF. The SP Server package contains both (SPS & SPF), the Project ...
administration anouncements updates
17.10.2011 | 1111 0

Automated SharePoint Deployment: AutoSPInstaller

Installation and configuration of SharePoint Test and Staging System can be a cumbersome task. AutoSPInstaller provides a framework to automate a complete farm setup. Every aspect of the farm configuration is configurable – from service accounts to service database names. Once all files (SP Bits, Cumulative Updates, Office Web Apps, Service Packs,..) are in place ...
deployment sp2010
16.10.2011 | 1161 0

SharePoint 2010 DataSheet View: Making DataSheet View work on 64-bit Systems

The Datasheet View in SharePoint lists is a very popular feature among end users. From a technical perspective the implementation as an ActiveX Control is not a good idea. JavaScript would be a the technology of choice here in the year 2011 – but that is another story. One common issue with the datasheet view is that it refuses to work on client systems with a 64bit edition of Microsoft ...
administration deployment resolved
16.10.2011 | 1136 0

Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Diagnose Missing Setup Files in Health Analyzer

Recently one of our customers stumbled across the following issue in Health Analyzer: [MissingSetupFile] File [Features\LOS\WebPart\Ordering\LOS.Silverlight.xap] is referenced [1] times in the database [SharePoint_Intranet], but is not installed on the current farm. Please install any feature/solution which contains this file. One or more setup files are ...
administration deployment resolved
11.10.2011 | 1068 0

SharePoint 2010 Farm Configuration: Resolving SQL Server Connection Issues

... Assistant, kept complaining about being unable to log on to the configured SQL Server . Interestingly enough we were able to log on from the same machine to the SQL Server by creating a UDL data connection. The UDL connection, as well as the ... That didn’t help. Long story short – We browsed the SQL Server Log Files and found the following “SSPI – …Untrusted Domain Account…” Turned ...
administration resolved-sqlserver-sp2010 sql-server
11.10.2011 | 1267 0


11.10.2011 | 1148 0

SharePointTrench Re-Design

SP Trench has a fresh new look! Cleaner and more 2011 :)
anouncements general
11.10.2011 | 1093 0

SharePoint 2010 Farm Configuration: Resolving SQL Server Connection Issues

During configuration of a new SharePoint Farm at a customer site, we had an interesting learning. The Products and Technology Configuration Assistant, kept complaining about being unable to log on to the configured SQL Server. Interestingly enough we were able to log on from the same machine to the SQL Server by creating a UDL data connection. The UDL connection, as well as the ...
development general resolved-sqlserver-sp2010 sp-2010
07.09.2011 | 1108 0

Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Diagnose Missing Setup Files in Health Analyzer

Recently one of our customers stumbled across the following issue in Health Analyzer: [MissingSetupFile] File [Features\LOS\WebPart\Ordering\LOS.Silverlight.xap] is referenced [1] times in the database [SharePoint_Intranet], but is not installed on the current farm. Please install any feature/solution which contains this file. One or more setup files are ...
development general resolved
16.08.2011 | 1118 0

Getting and setting language dependent field titles using PowerShell

The Multilingual User Interface (MUI ) in SharePoint 2010 makes it possible to set ... as well as a short introduction of MUI can be read on MSDN. As you can read ... I had to do something similar using PowerShell . I found it to be not trivial, and ... I found the following Using-Culture function for PowerShell on Stack Overflow: function Using-Culture ( [System.Globalization.CultureInfo] ...
development general moss-2007 mui powershell sp-2010
11.08.2011 | 1678 0

Discontinued and modified Features in Microsoft Project Server 2010

... had a customer question on what is available and what has been removed from project server 2010 , we evaluated the new features as well as the discontinued features of Project Server 2010 . With Project Server 2010 , the Project Portfolio Server was integrated into Microsoft Project Server 2010 . This lead to some changes in the functionality as well as the Features. A ...
general project-server-2010
11.08.2011 | 1192 0

Template based or not? An issue with the description of the Person or Group field control

Recently I had to make some customizations of the SharePoint field controls on a specific list form. For example, the field descriptions should have been displayed as hints on mouse-over instead of the standard location below the field entry control. It was not really hard to achieve this goal using custom rendering templates and a minimal jQuery script to hide empty tooltips. ...
development general moss-2007 sp-2010
08.08.2011 | 1193 0

Client Object Model Internals – Theory of the Server Side

... and to experiment with the classes. In this part I try to give you a general overview of the main server- side components of the architecture then continue with the client-side classes ... or StaticMethod). There are separate methods for each action types, however the general working is quite similar. For example, SetProperty action is handled by the ProcessSetProperty method. In ...
development general managed-client-om moss-2007 sp-2010
08.08.2011 | 1146 0