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The DotNet Experience

In 'The DotNet Experience' geht es im Wesentlichen um die Erfahrungen, die Daniel täglich mit dem .NET Framework macht. Angereichert werden diese Erfahrungen mit Einträgen zu neuen Technologien und aktuellen Themen.
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Daniel Grund ist Senior Consultant im Bereich Microsoft/.NET bei der Saxonia Systems AG. Er ist dort für den Wissensaufbau und -transfer in diesem Bereich zuständig.
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Collection Synchronization in WPF

I like the MVVM pattern in WPF . No doubt, it’s a perfect way to separate UI from logic. But you also get some other features out of the box when you apply this pattern. One of my favorites is binding collection s to the UI and manipulating them with the use of a background thread. If you’re doing it right, you get a responsive UI while performing heavy background work without any ...
.net collection enablecollectionsynchronization mvvm synchronization threading viewmanager viewmodel wpf
10.11.2013 | 1098 0

BASTA! Spring Slides on agile Architecture Patterns

It’s been some weeks now that I gave a talk at the german BASTA ! Spring Conference. I talked again about software architecture in agile environments. The focus this time was more about patterns and their realization with C#/.NET. You may download the slides (which are in german) as well as the presented example implementations. Please notice that the examples were only build for ...
.net agile architecture basta csharp event-based-components
05.04.2013 | 865 0

BASTA! 2012 Slides on Agile Architecture

... the great honor and pleasure to speak at the german BASTA ! 2012 conference on .NET, Visual Studio and more (http://basta.net/). I gave a talk about software architecture in an agile environment or to be more precise the integration of the agile architecture lifecycle into Scrum by defining a separate role to manage the systems architecture . With the link below you may download
agile architecture basta
19.09.2012 | 979 0

Software Architecture in an agile Context

In agile process models like Scrum there is no role defined for an architect. There’s just the team (besides the Scrum Master and the Product Owner of course) and every team member shall be able to fulfill the different roles as needed. That means that even the system or software architecture is done by the whole team. This works great as long as the team is able to find a consensus on all
agile architecture keeper
19.09.2012 | 873 0

C# Operator Overloading for Improved Code Readability

In this blog post I’m going to show you some basic stuff concerning operator overloading in C#. Operator s can be very useful in situations where you want to write elegant and easy to ... code by using standard C# syntax. For this post I will use a simple API that creates Crystal Reports selection formulas out of a given DataSet and some operator s. Introduction: Crystal Syntax In order
.net crystal-reports csharp operator
09.08.2012 | 1352 0

Update: Unity with ASP.NET Web API 4 RC

Lately the Release Candidate of ASP.NET MVC 4 was released together with an updated version of the ASP.NET Web API . This blog post is an update of the previous post about a custom controller factory with Unity in Web API 4 Beta. Changes from ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta to RC “Independently control IHttpController selection and activation: Implement the IHttpControllerSelector to ...
.net asp.net asp.net-web-api
25.06.2012 | 908 0

ASP.NET Web API 4 Beta – Custom Unity Http Controller Factory

The ASP.NET Web API provides support for Restful services that make use of JSON and the concepts of ASP.NET MVC. Instead of the Controller base class in MVC the Web API uses the ApiController class. In order to use a dependency injection container like Unity for controller creation you need to create your own controller factory. This blog post shows how to build a custom Http ...
.net asp.net asp.net-web-api
25.06.2012 | 931 0

Resetting local Ports and Devices from .NET

Currently, I am working on C# applications that communicate with several external devices connected via USB ports. In rare cases the ports just stop working correctly, so we needed a programmatic approach to reset them. Doing this by using C# is not trivial. The solution we implemented uses the following components: - C#’s SerialPort class - WMI (Windows Management
.net csharp p-invoke serialport wmi
28.05.2012 | 1213 0

Conference Papers .NET Day Franken

Lately I had the great pleasure to speak at the german community conference .NET Day Franken. I was talking about HTML 5 Canvas and its posibilities to display native animations, visual effects and even 3D in the browser. It was a lot of fun for me and I'd like to provide the presentation as well as the demos here for download. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions ...
canvas html-5
21.05.2012 | 938 0

Video Manipulation with HTML 5 Canvas

No doubt that the HTML 5 Canvas is currently one of the most popular HTML 5 elements. Its pixel manipulation and drawing APIs provide a broad range of possibilities to create interactive content natively integrated into the ... In this blog post I’m going to show you how to implement a simple video filter application using the Canvas Image API and a little bit of JavaScript . Don’t be
canvas html-5 javascript
17.05.2012 | 1000 0

Inter-Process Duplex Communication with WCF Named Pipes

Named pipes enable two applications on the same windows-based physical device to communicate with each other across process boundaries. This blog entry shows how to use WCF and the Net NamedPipeBinding to set up a duplex communication channel based on named pipes . A named pipe itself is just an object in the windows kernel. It provides access for different clients to a shared ...
.net duplex named-pipes wcf
21.02.2012 | 2021 0

5 Reasons: Why you need an Architect

Today I’m starting off a new topic, called “5 Reasons …”. Five reasons why you need things, why you should do things or not, or why to love things or just hate them. I’ll start this by giving ... reasons why you need an architect in your software development project. The reasons provided here are inspired by the great article of Daniel Akenine in the Microsoft Architecture Journal No. 15 (
5-reasons architecture
08.12.2011 | 962 0

WPF - Working with XML and XmlDataProvider

Working with XML or XML related data is not always easy in C#. With .NET Framework 3.0 Microsoft introduced the Xml DataProvider as part of the data provider infrastructure. Using Xml DataProvider inside WPF applications together with some XPath expressions makes it really easy to bind whatever kind of Xml fragment you have to some user interface controls. This blog entry shows ...
.net binding csharp wpf xml
21.11.2011 | 1582 0

Windows 8 Developer Preview - Screenshots

Last week Microsoft showed off the Windows 8 Developer Preview at BUILD 2011 (check out the impressing keynotes). I couldn’t resist and fetched the ISO image file containing the preview and the new developer tools like Visual Studio 2011 Express and Expression Blend 5. The ISO file can be used to easily set up a Virtual Machine using Virtual Box which is freely available. I made ...
19.09.2011 | 951 0

The curious world of WPF Popups

Popup s in WPF sometimes appear to behave not as expected. Mostly it’s just because they are not used correctly or there’s just not enough understanding of the popup s functionality and the relations to other controls. I encountered such a situation lately in a project and thought it ... worth to share some thoughts on this topic. First of all it needs to be clear that a popup is not a window
.net popup wpf
24.08.2011 | 1175 0

Aspect oriented programming with PostSharp and SharePoint 2010

The main purpose of aspect oriented programming in today’s software development processes is to separate the so called cross cutting concerns from the applications business logic. Things like logging or exception handling are used across all layers of an application. They should always be done in the same way and should not distract developers with their complexity. Aspect ...
.net asp.net aspects postsharp sharepoint-2010
12.08.2011 | 1788 0

LightSwitch and Sharepoint 2010

LightSwitch is a rapid application development tool that can be used to easily build applications. Given a data source, like SQL Server, it generates user interface components and a full running application to edit data. This post shows how to use a Sharepoint list as data source and how to create custom user interface fields and implement validation. Connecting to Sharepoint ...
lightswitch rad sharepoint-2010
24.06.2011 | 2628 0

WPF Toolkit DataGrid – Conditional Formatting

Often you may want to highlight certain data entries inside a datagrid according to given conditions. Imagine displaying business sales. Here you may want to highlight all rows that don’t reach a certain amount in the corresponding value column in order to get a quick overview. That is where conditional formatting comes into play. This post explains a possibility to achieve ...
.net wpf-toolkit-datagrid-formatting-sty
18.05.2011 | 1333 0

Injecting XML Serialization for formatting decimal properties

When serializing objects that contain properties with type of decimal, the .NET XmlSerializer writes them to the resulting XML file exactly as they are specified in your program code. That means that if you assign a value of 5 then you will get the following XML from the serializer: 5 If you instead assign 5.00 you will receive the following output: 5.00 In this
attribute extension-methods reflection serialization xmlserializer
10.05.2011 | 1121 0

WPF TreeView – Drag ‘n‘ Drop

Using Drag &Drop inside an application can greatly improve the user experience. This post shows how to implement Drag &Drop inside a TreeView within a WPF application. I will only point out key features directly within the post. For the complete code example ... the end of the post.TheoryLet’s take a second to see what it takes to realize Drag &Drop functionality. First of all the user
.net drag drop treeview viewmodel wpf
12.04.2011 | 2717 0

Defeated Exam 70-516

Last week I did the MCTS Exam 70-516: Accessing Data with ADO.NET 4. Luckily I passed it at the first attempt. Because there are still no official Microsoft ... out there (the according book will be released in June 2011), it was not that easy to prepare for the exam . I used the following preparation materials:MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-561): Microsoft .NET Framework
certification exam
03.04.2011 | 1316 0

Having fun with Pex

Pex is a white box testing framework for .NET that integrates directly into Visual Studio 2010. Currently it’s in development by Microsoft Research. The framework uses symbolic execution to test the certain paths of a given method. It tries to find proper boundary conditions and applies them to the method. After execution the results for each input value are displayed and you can ...
pex testing
10.03.2011 | 1054 0

MVVM "In the Box"

Recently I found a really cool MVVM training kit that integrates with guidance directly into Visual Studio 2010. It targets WPF and was created by Karl Shifflett. The extension package can be found on the Visual Studio Gallery, so you can just install it into the IDE.After installation there’s a new entry in the new projects wizard called “In the Box”. The template behind creates a ...
.net moq mvvm prism wpf
07.03.2011 | 1211 0

Writing a WebMatrix Helper

I’ve been playing around with Microsofts WebMatrix for some time now. Together with the new Razor View Engine, Microsoft introduced the concept of Helper s. Helper s are mostly small static classes with static methods that generate some Javascript or HTML code ... onto a web page at run time. It’s pretty easy to write such a helper yourself and I’m going to present the steps required
helper razor webmatrix
22.02.2011 | 1134 0

WPF DataGrid – Row Double Click

The DataGrid in WPF has no special event handler to handle mouse double click s on a row. If it had, you could easily determine the row that was clicked and could gain access to the underlying data. This blog entry shows a possible solution by implementing the standard mouse event handler. In short terms it looks for the element under the mouse cursor to determine if it’s a row and in ...
.net datagrid doubleclick event wpf
07.01.2011 | 2378 0