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In meinem Blog beschäftige ich mich mit Problemen, die einem als Entwickler tagtäglich begegnen. Besondere Schwerpunkte lege ich auf die Entwicklung mit .NET-Technologien. Dabei schreibe ich gerne über praxisorientierte Lösungswege bis hin zu Tutorials und aktuellen, interessanten Entwicklerthemen.
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Andy Stumpp ist leidenschaftlicher .NET-Entwickler und Fachautor bei der dotnetpro. Am liebsten beschäftigt er sich mit innovativen Technologien und Software, die dem Nutzer ein Wow-Erlebnis liefert.
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Lock Buster gets bumped to version 3.0, receives addons and color effects

... the Windows Phone Store . The third version of Lock ... effects make your lock screen look even more ... information on the lock screen . The current ... with all collages: Weather shows weather information ... Fahrenheit and Celsius. Battery Status shows the remaining ... margins! While the Windows Phone 8 edition contains all listed improvements, the WP7 update includes everything ...
battery-status lock-screen store weather windows-phone-7 windowsphone8 wp7 wp8
02.04.2013 | 937 0

Update: Hello Friends 4.0 now available! More Fun with Addons & Color Effects

... the Windows Phone Store these days. While the app is ... customization of their lock screen s. Thus, we were reacting on ... Friends 4.0 for Windows Phone 8 will support addons that can be ... two addons available: Weather shows weather information depending on your ... Fahrenheit and Celsius. Battery Status shows the remaining ... lock screen with additional color effect s. For example, the ...
battery-status color-effect lock-screen marketplace store weather windows-phone-7 windowsphone8 wp7 wp8
01.02.2013 | 1089 0

Algorithms: Returning the Inorder Successor in a Binary Search Tree

Sometimes it might be necessary to get the in-order successor of a given node in a binary search tree where each node has a link to its parent. For this case, ... references its parent as well as its left and right children. The next steps consists of building the traversal algorithm. The in-order successor of a node can also be defined as the node with the smallest key greater than the key of ...
algorithms binary-tree inorder successor traversal
30.01.2013 | 908 0

Creating a Windows Phone 8 app from Head to Toe – Part 3: User Feedback

... Friends has been released. Taking a look at user rating s is mandatory to get to know what works ... reviews. Let me collect some user reviews from the store : "Should be made part of OS. Really worth ... the ranking of Hello Friends in the store . Since some days, the app worked its way ... 4.5 out of 5 stars (67 rating s): Beside all these reviews, there are a lot ... can get the app from the store right here:
feedback rating store submission tutorial windows-phone-7 windowsphone8 wp7 wp8
18.01.2013 | 1130 0

Creating a Windows Phone 8 app from Head to Toe – Part 2 : Project Structure

... to the second part of the tutorial s on how to build a Windows Phone 8 app. Follow this link to get ... Or even a shared library for Windows Phone 7 ? Let me define the principles ... able to bring this app to Windows Phone 7 .5, if users are asking for ... Visual Studio: The initial Windows Phone 8 project that contains the user interface ... when creating the WP8 project in Visual Studio will also ...
tutorial windows-phone-7 windowsphone8 wp8
18.01.2013 | 1225 0

Hello Friends updated and pushed to all Windows Phone markets worldwide

... with improvements for WP7 and WP8 devices. The Windows Phone 8 version comes with these changes: Improved ... setting the current lock screen image. This is now solved, the lock screen will be updated even more reliable. ... longer occur. The Windows Phone 7 .5 edition contains the following improvements: ... released for the WP8 edition) One new ... (equivalent to the WP8 bug fix) Both ...
lock-screen windows-phone-7 windowsphone8 wp7 wp8
18.01.2013 | 1170 0

My LockScreen gets rebranded to Lock Buster and receives a Mango Update

... our app My LockScreen will get another comprehensive update. The ... brings support for Windows Phone 7 .5 (Mango ). The latest version will contain ... creating a customized lock screen New template selection window that shows ... never update the lock screen ) Improvements of the overall ... for Windows Phone Mango is slightly modified ... be integrated in Windows Phone 7 .8, My LockScreen ...
lock-screen mango windows-phone-7 wp7 wp8
10.01.2013 | 1056 0

Hello Friends 3.0 is now in the Store with support for Windows Phone 7.5 (Updated)

The third version of Hello Friends is now in the Windows Phone Store! It also supports the Windows Phone 7.5 platform. So I’d like to tell you what’s new in the current version: First of all, we did an overall improvement of the user experience. We got very much feedback from our users (we appreciate that, thank you!), so we were able to tackle problems on several devices as well ...
08.01.2013 | 953 0

How to create a Windows Phone Live Tile in the style of the People Hub

Since Windows Phone 7 Mango you are able to create your own Live Tile s. To be more precisely, you can specify ... may be necessary to build a Live Tile like the one of the People Hub. ... that’s exactly the size of a Live Tile pinned to the start. After that, I ... enough images to fill out the Live Tile you need a background color which ... as a background image for a live tile . Note You have to ensure ...
.net csharp live-tile mango silverlight windows-phone-7 wp7
28.12.2012 | 1542 0

Hello Friends receives a major update and hits the Windows Phone Store

I’m pleased to announce the second version of Hello Friends. It has hit the Windows Phone Store today and comes with a lot of improvements. Hello Friends is a new app that allows you to decorate your lock screen with a nice collage of your friends. It’s a great addition for users that like to customize their phone as much as possible. The nice thing about this app is that it refreshes the ...
28.12.2012 | 912 0

Windows Phone App submission – My favorite list of certification errors

... Windows Phone app submission process is like “do it right ... with the app submission requirements, you can find them right ... need to check them e verytime you make an update. Let ... for me: Dark/light theme If your app comes with a ... base.OnBackKeyPress(e); } [/csharp] Exception handling Point 5.1.2 of the certification requirements ... implement a good exception handling . But sometimes ...
exception-handling marketplace store submission theme windows-phone-7
21.12.2012 | 990 0

New App: My LockScreen is now in the Windows Phone Store!

... Phone Store. My LockScreen allows you to decorate your lock screen with collages of your photos that ... The idea of My LockScreen began to evolve at the same ... different apps. My LockScreen refreshes your Windows Phone lock screen periodically, that means you get a new and exciting lock screen whenever you use your phone. Just ... be used for your lock screen : If you have any suggestions ...
lock-screen windows-phone-7 windowsphone8 wp8
20.12.2012 | 1133 0

Creating a Windows Phone 8 app from Head to Toe – Part 1

I want to write down in a couple of tutorials how to write a Windows Phone 8 app with the new SDK. In these tutorials I don’t want to spend too much lines on explaining C# ... of the SDK. Instead, I would like to focus on the following points: How to start planning a Windows Phone 8 app? How to structure the project? How to get great maintainability for future extensions? How to get clean ...
windows-phone-7 windowsphone8 wp8
08.12.2012 | 1355 0

A new blog and some changes

Hi everyone! A few days ago I had a really disappointing data crash on my server. The only thing I didn’t make a backup of was the database of my programming blog. I want to use this chance to try something new: Completely new design I will try to focus more on topics like Windows 8, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 So, let’s get it on with the new blog!
29.03.2012 | 971 0

How to create a Live Tile in the style of the Contacts Hub

local-things-header With Windows Phone 7 Mango you are able to create your own Live Tile s. To be more precisely, you can ... images or some pictures from your isolated storage . Sometimes it may be necessary to build a Live Tile like the one of the Contacts ... using (var isoFileStream new IsolatedStorage FileStream(FLICKR_LIVE_TILE, FileMode.OpenOrCreate, IsolatedStorage ...
.net csharp isolated-storage live-tile mango silverlight windows-phone-7 wp7
14.12.2011 | 2262 0

Windows 8 Store Preview

... der der neue Windows 8 Store näher vorgestellt wurde. Antoine Leblond, Corporate ... zu begeistern. Der Windows 8 Store für das gleichnamige Betriebssystem, welches ... stehen Entwickern von Apps neue Marktchancen entgegen. Ein kurzes ... sein, was vom WP7 -Marketplace bekannt ist. Dafür wird ... ungleich denen für Windows Phone 7 bei 1,49 USD. ... wie der WP7 -Marketplace aufbaut sein und ...
apps marketplace store windows8 windows-8 windows-phone-7 wp7
07.12.2011 | 2056 0

Template nicht vorhanden: Silverlight Unit Test Application

Nach der Installation des Silverlight Toolkits kann es unter Visual Studio 2010 passieren, dass das Unit Test Template für Silverlight nicht korrekt installiert wurde. Um das Problem zu beheben, sollte man lediglich im Ordner unter C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0/Common7/IDE/ProjectTemplates und C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio ...
10.06.2011 | 1351 0

Helfer für die Windows Phone 7 Entwicklung

Erst vor kurzem bin auf die Tools & Helferlein für Windows Phone 7 gestoßen, die Norbert Eder in seinem Blog vorstellt: Toolkit s und Helferlein für die Windows Phone 7 Entwicklung Dort gibt es zusammengefasste Informationen über zusätzliche Steuerelemente und Tools , wie zum Beispiel das Silverlight Toolkit oder das MVVM Light Toolkit . Ein Blick lohnt sich auf jeden Fall!
.net silverlight toolkit tools uncategorized windows-phone-7 wp7
26.02.2011 | 1169 0

Silverlight: 101 Async Samples

Wer ein paar Beispiele benötigt, die sich auf die asynchrone Programmierung mittels Silverlight stützen, kann sich die folgende Seite mal anschauen: 101 Async Samples Die Beispiele können auch sofort ausgeführt werden, so dass man die Resultate betrachten kann.
.net silverlight
26.02.2011 | 1451 0

Webprojekt mit dynamischen WCF-Services

... Projekt nicht alle WCF -Dienste statisch verlinkt. ... es dann, wenn WCF -Dienste physisch voneinander ... und wenn der WCF -Host beim Hinzufügen ... das Ablegen von WCF -Diensten genutzt werden ... hinzufügen: runtime assemblyBinding xml ns "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" probing ... dekoriert werden: namespace Services { [EnableClientAccess] public ... WCF -Host adaptiert. Erreicht ...
.net csharp services wcf xml
30.01.2011 | 1376 0

XAP-Output bei einer Silverlight-Klassenbibliothek

Beim Kompilieren einer Silverlight -Klassenbibliothek wird standardmäßig keine XAP -Datei erzeugt. Für ... XAP -Datei zu erhalten. ... Xap Outputs true /Xap Outputs Xap Filename MeinProjekt.xap /Xap Filename GenerateSilverlightManifest true ... Silverlight ManifestTemplate Properties\AppManifest.xml /Silverlight ManifestTemplate Bitte beachten ... XAP -Package befindet.
.net silverlight visual-studio xap
27.01.2011 | 1205 0

SmartWakeup meistverkaufte Gesundheits-App im Dezember 2010

Unsere zweite App für das Windows Phone 7 ist im Dezember innerhalb weniger Tage zur meistverkauften, kommerziellen App in der Kategorie Gesundheit & Fitness aufgestiegen. smartwakeup-zune In der Liste aller Apps konnte SmartWakeup sogar auf Platz 99 von über 5000 Apps aufsteigen: smartwakeup-topanwendungen Derzeit ist ein neues Update im Annahmeprozess, welches ...
.net csharp marketplace silverlight windows-phone-7 wp7
17.01.2011 | 1390 0

Benutzung von RIA-Services in einem Nicht-Silverlight-Client

Um die RIA-Services in einem Client ... der nicht auf Silverlight basiert, müssen einige ... so könnte die Service -Implemenation folgendermaßen aussehen: ... } } Die Service -URL wird automatisch ... wird, in einem Windows Forms -Projekt eine Referenz ... / add name "soap " type "Microsoft.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Hosting.SoapXmlEndpointFactory, ... Windows Forms -Projekt ist dann ...
.net csharp ria-services service silverlight soap uncategorized windows-forms
15.12.2010 | 1670 0

Pinplace - Bookmark the places you love

pinplace_zune Unsere erste Windows Phone 7 App ist vor ca. 3 Wochen im Marketplace erschienen und hat einen guten Start hingelegt. Mit Pinplace können die Orte festgehalten werden, die einem besonders gefallen. Die App nutzt die GPS-Funktionalitäten des Smartphones und zeigt immer eine aktualisierte Liste der Lieblingsorte an, die sich in der Nähe des aktuellen Standortes ...
13.12.2010 | 943 0

Visual-Studio Icons für Entwickler

Für ansprechende Anwendungen werden meistens auch ansprechende Icons benötigt. Visual Studio 2010 bringt diese bereits mit. Im Installationsverzeichnis unter C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\VS2010ImageLibrary\1033 befindet sich eine ZIP-Datei, die über 2000 Objekte in unterschiedlichen Bildformaten und -größen enthält. Außerdem ...
08.11.2010 | 1212 0