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Why Android does not support fully java.beans package

... or at least one, classes of java.beans package rely on the java.awt package e.g. PropertyEditor . As stated in an issue, Android can not support the java.awt package. The uncomplete support of java.beans package causes that various libraries relying on this ... can not be used as is e.g. Spring framework or Log4j . Also see why Log4j does not work in Android and why Spring does not work in ...
android awt java.beans log4j logging propertyeditor spring support
30.11.2011 | 1435 1

Why spring beans can not be used in Android

java.beans package again The Springframework does not work in Android because of its heavy use of classes from java.beans package e.g. PropertyEditorSupport . Android currently only supports a few classes ... package in the Android bugtracker. Of course one can use ... from libraries of the Springframework in general e.g. org.springframework.core.io.DefaultResourceLoader .
android bean-factory beans spring springframework
24.11.2011 | 1214 0

Why logging with Log4j does not work in Android

If you put log4j .jar and a log4j.properties file in your Android 's application classpath, you will investigate the following stack ... 20 more The problem is, that log4j uses classes of java.beans package e.g. ... of this package are supported in Android . See javadoc of Android 's java.beans package. There is a project called android -logging -log4j , which provides a convenient way to ...
android log4j log4j.properties log4j.xml logging
23.11.2011 | 1861 0

Spring OSGi - Building extensible and customizable bundles

... a domain specific Spring OSGi bundle (dynamic module ), which can be ... my opinion the Spring way is much ... itself is a Spring bean. Lets have ... for dynamic extensible Spring OSGi bundles. The MANIFEST.MF - Spring application context loading ... acme.CommonFrameWorkBundleActivator Spring -Context: META-INF/spring/*-init.xml, META-INF/spring/*.xml, ... OSGi framework loads the ...
dm dynamic-module osgi spring springframework
09.04.2011 | 1037 0

Eclipse RCP - Hide minimize / maximize buttons for editors and views

... user should not be allowed to maximize /minimize a view or editor. This article is about how ... point to change the presentation of RCP editors and views is to define a ... - here to hide the minmize / maximize button s - we need to override the ... steps show, how to hide the minimize and maximize button s of editors and views, but a ... still cause the editor/view to be maximize d. In order to avoid that, ...
button eclipse maximize minimize rcp
09.04.2011 | 2228 0

Spring OSGi - how to get ApplicationContext for a bundle

Using Spring DM, a Spring ApplicationContext is created for each Spring DM. The ApplicationContext is published as an OSGi service. The following code can be used to lookup the ApplicationContext in OSGi service registry. public static ApplicationContext getApplicationContext(final BundleContext bundleContext) { final String filter ...
applicationcontext lookup spring springframework
23.03.2011 | 1502 0