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Englischsprachiger Blog zu Softwareentwickungsthemen mit Technologieschwerpunkten .NET, C#, ASP.NET und Silverlight. Neben rein technischen Fakten beschäftige ich mich auch damit, wie Technologien am sinnvollsten im Rahmen von Software Architektur und Entwicklungsprojekt einzusetzen sind.
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Alexander Jung arbeitet als Chief eXpert für die SDX AG in Frankfurt. Seit 1994 arbeitet er als Softwareentwickler, hauptsächlich mit Microsoft-Technologien in unterschiedlichsten Projekten und Rollen. Mit .NET beschäftigt er sich, seit es auf der PDC 2000 als Developer Preview verfügbar wurde. Seine Einsatzgebiete umfassen heute Technologieberatung, Entwickler-Coaching, und Einsatz in Projekten als Chefentwickler bzw. Softwarearchitekt.
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Working for SDX (a.k.a. My latest project…)

Advertisement warning! I’ve said it in an earlier post: I like working for SDX . In fact my work has become even more challenging due to a changed job description (with the ... for the budget at the top management and then hopefully building that system. Of course with my and SDX participation . Now, if that sounds like a challenging and interesting project; if you happen to be willing to ...
miscellaneous sdx software-developers
13.07.2008 | 548 0

Rants and rails

... one’s view and taken offense) about the upcoming Entity Framework. In all frankness, an “ADO .NET Entity Framework Vote of No Confidence” (VoNC from now on, see here) is certainly capable to ... of other reasons: Trends to lightweight architectures have prospered in Java and even affected .NET (back then, DataSets were the means of choice, today entity classes are very common). The ...
.net .net-framework software-architecture software-developers software-development
06.07.2008 | 718 0

I can’t help but notice…

... … we have LINQ . LINQ has been introduced ... that make up LINQ rely on the ... features. And with LINQ those pieces suddenly ... this is how LINQ is seen by ... obvious force behind LINQ . It’s functional ... LINQ And Its Impact ... LINQ . And there’s ... .NET language F#, incidentally ... .NET . And there’s ... LINQ based mock framework. ... .NET environment, it may ... LINQ (PLINQ) is already ... LINQ as a nice ... LINQ and keep watching ...
.net .net-framework csharp linq software-architecture software-developers software-development
27.04.2008 | 968 0

LINQ to SQL Reality Check

... introduction and checking LINQ to Objects, this ... story. Employment of LINQ to SQL OK, ... and hard core LINQ image But first some background: LINQ to SQL manifests ... the scenes of LINQ to SQL, is ... the rewrite using LINQ to SQL: CustomerLinq ... a; } With LINQ : IList AccountLinq ... work than without LINQ . Conclusion: The ... LINQ to SQL is ... LINQ to Objects. This ... LINQ to SQL is ... LINQ : The code ... LINQ proved to be ...
.net .net-framework csharp linq software-architecture software-development
20.04.2008 | 827 0

LINQ to Objects Reality Check

... so to speak (LINQ is released; isn’t ... successfully avoided the LINQ hype so far. ... go… To me, LINQ seemed to be ... problems that LINQ was built to ... and LINQ (surprise!) solving those ... LINQ fared in a ... LINQ in mind. I ... .NET 3.5 Employment of LINQ to Objects Employment ... LINQ to SQL Here ... LINQ to Objects part ... LINQ to SQL part ... LINQ to Objects LINQ to Objects is ... LINQ versions. The relevant ... LINQ : Customer c ...
.net .net-framework csharp linq software-development
13.04.2008 | 717 0

Using Extension Methods for Fluent Interfaces

... XML on the fly, using plain .NET BCL means, the code would look like this: private ... fluent interfaces lack robustness. Then came LINQ . This example is taken from an early introduction ... reason I have no problem with LINQ is that it does not only ... spots, such as with StringBuilder. With LINQ it is also backed up with ... a more broadly usable concept. While LINQ itself is a great example of the ...
.net .net-framework csharp linq software-developers software-development
21.03.2008 | 1104 0

Using extension methods for decomposition

... of use principles outlined in “Framework Design Guidelines” (indeed a very valid reason). However, since .NET 3.5 we can easily solve that problem by declaring our static Sort method as extension ... as C allows protected and private inheritance. Of course this is not possible with .NET , as multiple inheritance is restricted to interfaces and always public. Thus I am inclined to ...
.net .net-framework csharp linq software-developers software-development
16.03.2008 | 867 0

Extensively using extension methods

... features (introduced with/for LINQ ) in isolation, ... speaking not a LINQ related feature). Anastasios has ... the context of LINQ Extension methods in ... API supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is ... their presence out). LINQ I guess I ... the relationship between LINQ and extension methods. ... In a sense LINQ is all about ... means to support LINQ . It actually does support LINQ very well — ...
.net .net-framework csharp linq software-developers software-development
10.02.2008 | 1100 0

Get your hands on the .NET source code…

... John Robbins (a.k.a. Mr. Debugger ) has provided what Microsoft only promised, but did not yet deliver: A standalone full download of the .NET Framework source code: Download All the .NET Reference Source Code at Once with Net Mass Downloader .NET Mass Downloader 1.1 Released And he even described how to use that source code with Visual Studio 2005! A word of warning though: My ...
.net .net-framework csharp software-developers software-development
08.02.2008 | 1199 0

Command line tool vs. PowerShell Cmdlet

... it into a respective core assembly right from the start. http://www.pinvoke.net/ told me the details about changing the screen resolution with .NET , MSDN provided the background. Thus I had the .NET representatives for DEVMODE, ChangeDisplaySettings, and EnumDisplaySettings, as well as a little helper class for standard tasks (like error handling and getting all display ...
.net .net-framework csharp software-development
19.01.2008 | 963 0

Workflow Series Recap

... series… 1. Talking WF (introduction) 2. Workflow Instance State Management ... Clarification 4. Hosting WF 5. Talking to the Windows ... where we started? WF . And what did I ... that are not WF specific but are ... they are not WF specific? In my ... this is because WF did not only ... BizTalk anyway. With WF any developer might ... once. It’s not WF in itself that ... to use than WF . It is ... using BizTalk, not WF . We did ...
.net .net-framework software-architecture software-development wcf wf
14.12.2007 | 883 0

Error Handling is Error Management

... Note: This is part of a series: 1. Talking WF (introduction) 2. Workflow Instance State Management 3. Workflow Communication and Workflow Communication Clarification 4. Hosting WF 5. Talking to the Windows Service 6. Robust Operations more ... LCEH is to prevent vanishing workflow instances prevent inconsistent WF instance state prevent unnoticed errors To accomplish this it ...
.net .net-framework software-architecture software-development wf
11.11.2007 | 731 0

Robust Operations

... part of a series: 1. Talking WF (introduction) 2. Workflow Instance State Management 3. Workflow Communication and Workflow Communication Clarification 4. Hosting WF 5. Talking to the Windows Service more to come ... cases: a file drop to some net work drive, sending an SMS, accessing a printer. Doing ... of begin transaction/end transaction logic, in WF there is a respective shape to ...
.net .net-framework software-architecture software-development wf
04.11.2007 | 794 0

Talking to the Windows Service

... means of choice? WCF of course. (There ... much details about WCF here as this ... the documentation for WCF is considerably broader ... For hosting of WCF in a Windows ... to: Host a WCF Service in a ... I attach a WCF interface to it? ... Service in the SOA sense (capital ‘S’!)? ... ‘s’!. WCF actually supports internal ... the SOA sense, one that ... (WCF hosted in IIS, ... WCF , to the ... SOA ecosystem based on ... WCF for the German ...
.net .net-framework soa software-architecture software-development wcf
19.10.2007 | 878 0

Hosting WF

... series: 1. Talking WF (introduction) 2. Workflow ... (error management). Hosting WF is easy. Real ... attempt of hosting WF might be somewhere ... is no running WF engine. What if ... eventually starts the WF engine. If you ... the WF in a console ... .NET everything gets better. ... .NET Framework devotes a whole ... WF , usually in ... WF is not hosted ... WF engine in the ... WF . Well, for ... WF engine). E.g. if ... Net View. Now we ...
.net .net-framework csharp software-architecture software-development wf
14.10.2007 | 762 0

Workflow Communication Clarification

My last post may need a clarification… Tim raised the question whether it is such a good idea to synchronize the communication between web application and workflow instance. To make it short: Generally it isn’t! Period. It hurts scalability and it may block the web request being processed. Therfore from a technical perspective it usually is preferable to avoid it. Ways around ...
.net .net-framework asp.net csharp software-architecture software-development wf
06.10.2007 | 723 0

Workflow Communication

... series: 1. Talking WF (introduction) 2. Workflow Instance State Management ... are new to WF you’ll have to master two or ... an article about WF , the service pattern is ... that is. Firstly WF uses the service ... Designers With The .NET Framework 2.0 Chapter “Extensibility ... We know that WF is inherently multithreaded. ... signal it), the WF engine (more precisely ... thread — the WF engine can hardly ...
.net .net-framework csharp software-architecture software-development wf
02.10.2007 | 751 0

Workflow Instance State Management

Note: This is part of a series: 1. Talking WF (introduction) more to come (communication, hosting, error management). Let’s skip the “how ... and assume the boilerplate work of setting up the WF engine and starting workflows has been done. (There’s plenty ... the workflow instance to workflow stuff, which promotes separation-of-concerns. wf _stateAll well and good. But I go for number ...
.net .net-framework csharp software-architecture software-development wf
30.09.2007 | 738 0

Talking WF…

WF (for the record: Windows Workflow Foundation) ... can be handled by workflows. Well, WF is great. But there certainly are ... be renamed to WF due to some concerned Pandas ) ... that are not WF specific but are far from common ... information available about WF —hosting, data exchange, and what else—it ... up about the WF basics. I‘m not going to repeat ... takes to host WF in a console application. If that ...
.net .net-framework asp.net csharp software-architecture software-development wf
22.09.2007 | 811 0

IDisposable reloaded

... IDisposable Interface.) Exceptions, exceptions, 5 cent each! When .NET was still fresh there was a guideline not to ... be finalized during shutdown by default (since .NET 1.0) Exceptions will kill the process rather than the thread (since .NET 2.0). This really improves the situation, as the exception ... disposing them. Just as a safety net . Other stuff… Right about the same time I ...
.net .net-framework csharp software-development
12.09.2007 | 687 0

partial methods for partial developers

... all but stopped. One addition with .NET 2.0 was partial classes. Probably meant ... production code from debug code. With .NET 3.5 there already was much talk ... language additions around LINQ , such as … well, just ... a look at The LINQ Project or ScottGu’s Blog. And of ... means Microsoft and LINQ related stuff, tomorrow Microsoft may decide ... methods in the .NET community — and for other reasons ...
.net .net-framework csharp design-time linq software-developers
04.09.2007 | 922 0

Happy birthday…

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, dear http://ajdotnet.wordpress.com/ … Damn, that bulky name spoiled it. Yes, roughly a year ago I startetd this blog. When I began blogging I had no idea, how long it would take until I ran out of topics. Similarly I had no idea whether anybody would actually read my blog (apart from the few people I could force to ). And now ...
08.07.2007 | 600 0

IDisposable – 1, 2, 3, …

Note: See also the sequel IDisposable Reloaded… recycleIDisposable is one of these beasts. Considered to be common knowledge and yet I regularly encounter code that simply ignores the demand. A well documented pattern and yet I occasionally stumble over improper usage of the pattern. And this is just the beginning; the finer details are lost more often than not. Calling ...
.net .net-framework csharp software-development
28.05.2007 | 606 0

About the Virtue of Not Improving Performance

... (not the only ones, though): “Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability” ff (refered to as msdn) “ASP.NET Best Practices for High Performance Applications“ ... Application Performance in .Net “ Please note that my statements ... working on the .NET Framework or SQL Server.) Please also note ... not to spoil the effect. ASP.NET related things My favourite category Disable ...
.net .net-framework asp.net csharp software-architecture software-development
20.05.2007 | 726 0

Javascript and ASP.NET

ASP.NET was never a ... champions league of ASP.NET development — and ... this area. With ASP.NET 2.0 Microsoft has ... (See Creating Custom ASP.NET Server Controls with ... browser capabilities in ASP.NET AJAX. There is ... coding model. The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit ... for sure: With ASP.NET AJAX Microsoft is taking ASP.NET control development as ... is seems and ASP.NET AJAX definitely pushes ...
.net .net-framework asp.net software-development
12.05.2007 | 868 0