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Englischsprachiger Blog zu Softwareentwickungsthemen mit Technologieschwerpunkten .NET, C#, ASP.NET und Silverlight. Neben rein technischen Fakten beschäftige ich mich auch damit, wie Technologien am sinnvollsten im Rahmen von Software Architektur und Entwicklungsprojekt einzusetzen sind.
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Alexander Jung arbeitet als Chief eXpert für die SDX AG in Frankfurt. Seit 1994 arbeitet er als Softwareentwickler, hauptsächlich mit Microsoft-Technologien in unterschiedlichsten Projekten und Rollen. Mit .NET beschäftigt er sich, seit es auf der PDC 2000 als Developer Preview verfügbar wurde. Seine Einsatzgebiete umfassen heute Technologieberatung, Entwickler-Coaching, und Einsatz in Projekten als Chefentwickler bzw. Softwarearchitekt.
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ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 10: Finish

... these topics for someone else. And with that, I conclude this little series. You can find the sources of the sample I built for this series here (VS2013 project, NuGet packages have to be restored using “Enable NuGet Package Restore”, IIS Express is expected). That’s all for now folks, AJ.NET Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net .net-framework asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization
19.04.2014 | 122 0

ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 9: 3rd Party Controls

... part of a series… To get a better feeling for the demands, let’s take a look at the jQuery UI date picker – the canonical example for additional controls. Using the date picker is relatively simple: It typically ... couple of controls, and you’ll have a mighty mishmash. That’s all for now folks, AJ.NET Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net .net-framework asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization javascript jquery
01.02.2014 | 255 0

ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 8: Data Validation

... German date and number formats. UPDATE: Just when I finished writing this post, I stumbled upon John‘s post, which is the first one I found that connects Globalize and jQuery validation both correctly and completely, and even provides a nuget package. That’s all for now folks, AJ.NET Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net .net-framework asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization
25.01.2014 | 223 0

ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 7: Model Attributes

... post. The M-part in MVC is the model, in ASP.NET MVC usually consisting of POCOs. Data validation as well as localizing labels in ... This depends on the language version of the installed .NET Framework . Generally I would be careful to rely on the fact that ... example. That’s all for now folks, AJ.NET Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net .net-framework asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization
19.01.2014 | 237 0

ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 6: Using .NET Resources

... and similar texts however, the standard localization mechanism in .NET is resources, based on manifest resources, and respective satellite assemblies. ... to place your .resx files in. Don‘t do that with ASP.NET MVC ! The problem is that resources files in these ... That’s all for now folks, AJ.NET Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net .net-framework asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization
13.01.2014 | 170 0

ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 5: Imperative View Localization

... about the topic. He adds region specific view folders and evaluates them using his own view engine (for WebForms, but the principle holds for Razor as well). You could of course apply a different naming scheme, e.g. attach the region to the view name itself. That’s all for now folks, AJ.NET Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net .net-framework asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization
14.12.2013 | 163 0

ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 4: CSS Styles

... course it is a characteristic of ASP.NET MVC , compared with classical WebForms, that ... is very much in line with ASP.NET MVC ideas… For my little sample application I ... [...]” http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/struct/dirlang.html#h-8.1.2 And in HTML5 : “To determine the language of ... AJ.NET Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net .net-framework asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization
08.12.2013 | 204 0

ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 3: Custom Language Choice

... Request.RawUrl }); } div @Html.ActionLink(linkText, "SetPreferredCulture", "Culture", new { culture nextCulture.Name, returnUrl Request.RawUrl }, null) /div Include it in the _Layout.cshtml view and my users can change their culture as they wish: Done. That’s all for now folks, AJ.NET Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net .net-framework asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization
30.11.2013 | 186 0

ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 2: Detect Browser Settings

... is grab the language from the header and tell .NET for each request: protected void Application_OnBeginRequest() { CultureHelper.ApplyUserCulture(this.Request); } ... the last post), and the possibility that .NET might not support Klingon. Most people will never actually ... now folks, AJ.NET Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net .net-framework asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization
23.11.2013 | 195 0

ASP.NET MVC I18n – Part 1: Basics

... defined by the .NET Framework, and the client side, defined ... scope. Server side… .NET maintains the necessary information via the ... strings for labels), .NET uses a system of resources and ... this is basic .NET knowledge and not go into further ... goes beyond what .NET supports: “Here are ... codes. Alas, with HTML5 and the new ... , .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC , HTML5 , Internationalization
.net asp.net-mvc html5 internationalization
15.11.2013 | 210 0

ASP.NET MVC Internationalization

Internationalization and localization of web applications is a ... of Line-of-Business (LOB) applications built on ASP.NET MVC there is even plenty of information ... get it out of the way: “Internationalization ” (a.k.a. i18n) provides the basic ... View Localization Part 6: Using .NET Resources Part 7: Model Attributes Part ... AJ.NET Filed under: ASP.NET MVC , Internationalization
.net asp.net-mvc internationalization
08.11.2013 | 166 0

MVC is a UI pattern…

... how the MVC pattern of an ASP.NET MVC application fits into the application architecture. ... MVC pattern as utilized in ASP.NET MVC . Transferring these statements to other ... "Best Practices for ASP.NET MVC ", actually from a Microsoft employee: ... applications, certainly in ASP.NET MVC – is a UI pattern, i.e. ... AJ.NET Filed under: ASP.NET , ASP.NET MVC , Software Architecture
.net asp.net asp.net-mvc software-architecture
03.11.2013 | 205 0

Windows 8 @ SDX

... the bits&bytes of various aspects of WinRT and WinPRT applications, there is a ... going on in SDX as well. And we share quite ... LOB reference application: SDX Privatbilanz (German). Privatbilanz_Startbildschirm Blogosphere… On top ... a time sheet application: SDX WorkTime (also German only, sorry). image ... After working for SDX for more than a couple of ... AJ.NET Filed under: SDX , WinRT
sdx winrt
16.12.2012 | 310 0

It’s here!

... in which direction they will evolve the platform in version 2 and 3. But what the heck, that’s what keeps me in business ;-) . Disclaimer: I’m quite aware that this is an “opinionated” post, but there are plenty “objective” evaluations out there (if such a thing even exists). Some links to those can be found at MJF’s post… That’s all for now folks, AJ.NET Filed under: Hardware , WinRT
hardware winrt
04.11.2012 | 334 0

2011 in review

... stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 41,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 15 sold-out performances for that many people to see it. Click here to see the complete report. Filed under: Miscellaneous
28.01.2012 | 299 0

RIA with Silverlight–The Business Perspective

... analysis was fairly detailed and customer specific. But we also prepared a neutralized/anonymized version, which we just made available for download (pdf). (Also directly at SDX.) That’s all for now folks, AJ.NET kick it on DotNetKicks.com Filed under: .NET , .NET Framework , C#, SDX, Silverlight , Software Architecture , Software Developers , Software Development
.net .net-framework csharp silverlight software-architecture software-developers software-development
14.08.2011 | 518 0

HTML5 – Part III: The Limits

Alternative title: HTML5 – Still HTML, not a RIA ... and benefits of HTML5 . But there are ... exaggerated expectations that HTML5 cannot fulfill. Mainly ... and the effect HTML5 will have in ... day make Flash, Silverlight and other plug-in ... includes Flash, JavaFx, Silverlight as a browser ... JavaFx! Sic!), and Silverlight . Sill, this ... time Microsoft advertised Silverlight as Flash replacement, ...
.net html5 silverlight software-architecture
12.03.2011 | 499 0

HTML5 – Part II: New Standard for Web Applications

... people talk about HTML5 , but there ... expectations – about HTML5 . So, what is HTML5 , anyway? And for whom? HTML5 is a lot ... actually look into HTML5 technologies. In an ... opinion on what HTML5 is and what ... The Standard Formally, HTML5 is just the ... gaps. HTML5 is available as ... HTML5 , the industry ... of HTML5 is supported by ... HTML5 support on all ... HTML5 has barely reached ... HTML5 right now. Additionally ...
html5 software-architecture
10.03.2011 | 723 0

HTML5 – Part I: The Hype

... There’s a small hype around HTML5 for some time now. Ironically the ... begin to support HTML5 only just now. Be it organizational ... Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight , and Sun JavaFX.” (link) “Will ... day make Flash, Silverlight and other plug-in technologies obsolete? Most ... change that. Thus Silverlight is a valid choice for any ... under: HTML5 , Silverlight , Software Architecture
.net html5 silverlight software-architecture
07.03.2011 | 389 0

2010 in review

... Edition March 2009 12 comments 2 Understanding Validation in Silverlight February 2010 4 comments 3 ASP.NET 2.0 DataBinding Examined July 2006 7 comments 4 Silverlight Bits&Pieces: The First Steps with Visual State Manager January 2010 3 comments and 1 Like on WordPress.com, 5 Command line tool vs. PowerShell Cmdlet January 2008 3 comments Filed under: Miscellaneous
12.01.2011 | 361 0

Visual Studio Async CTP – An Analysis

... introduction (actually taken from the white paper mentioned above) Net flix (used by Anders Hejlsberg during his PDC talk and available ... to overcome that effect: Soma provides a simple introduction, Net flix is more “real world”, and Eric looks at ... accomplished. OK, one example that didn’t really convince me. Net flix (sample in the CTP) The Net flix sample is part of the CTP and was ...
.net .net-framework csharp
23.12.2010 | 580 0

Silverlight. What if?

... fouled up the Silverlight message big time. ... Silverlight is dead on ... Silverlight , and an ... Silverlight is the right ... of Silverlight . So far ... .NET Developer Platform): http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2010/11/04/silverlight-questions.aspx ... Silverlight ): http://timheuer.com/blog/archive/2010/11/01/silverlight-is-dead-long-live-silverlight.aspx Jesse ...
.net .net-framework silverlight software-development
07.11.2010 | 384 0

The Cost of String.Split

Some code I wrote a while ago came back to haunt me. You may know the feeling. The use case was simple: A tool chain, processing some files and spitting out others (host service descriptions as input and configuration and proxy code as output – is doesn’t really matter though). At one stage I needed to process a file line by line. And, as usually, my code was nice, clean, tested, ...
.net .net-framework csharp
04.09.2010 | 671 0

CommunicationException: NotFound

... that bugs every Silverlight developer sooner or ... regularly at the Silverlight forums, so I’m ... using the browser net work stack (as Silverlight does by default) ... This is not Silverlight specific, but happens ... of the browser net work stack. Generally ... thrown by a WCF service is by ... already backed into WCF : A generated ... nature of WCF allows us to ... .NET version on the ... .NET and Silverlight ) ...
.net .net-framework asp.net csharp silverlight software-development wcf
29.08.2010 | 398 0

A Pesky Little Silverlight Problem: The Presumptuous Scrollbar

... that with me.) I have my Silverlight application sitting on an .aspx page, ... it down, I create a new Silverlight project. No scrollbar. I compare the ... to speak of. I deconstruct the Silverlight part of my application in hope ... the .aspx fragment that creates the Silverlight plugin: code_with_scrollbar Created by VS, I ... Just one more reason to prefer Silverlight over HTML, if you ask me! ...
.net silverlight
15.08.2010 | 780 0