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To be fair: Microsoft Build 2021 was some month ago, but the content might still be relevant today. Sooo… it took me a while, but here is a list of sessions that I found interesting. Some sessions are “better” and some “lighter”, the order doesn’t reflect that - that was just the order I watched those videos.

The headline has a link to the video and below are some notes.

Build cloud-native applications that run anywhere

  • Azure Arc (GitHub & Policies)
  • AKS

Build differentiated SaaS apps with the Microsoft Cloud

  • Power Apps
  • “Light” session - only if you are interested in Microsofts “Low Code” portfolio

[Build the next generation of collaborative apps for hybrid work


  • Overview Dev Platform (PowerApps, Graph…)
  • Fluid
  • Adaptive Cards
  • Project.Reunion / WebView 2

[Mark Russinovich on Azure innovation and more!


  • Dapr
  • Story about RdcMan
  • Sysmon on linux

[Learn how to build exciting apps across meetings, chats, and channels within or outside Microsoft Teams](


  • Microsoft Teams SDK
  • Azure Communication Services
  • Meeting Events, Media APIs, Share integration
  • Teams Connect
  • Adaptive Cards in Teams
  • Messaging Extensions in Outlook for Web
  • Together Mode scenes

What’s new for Windows desktop application development

  • Project Reunion
  • MAUI

[Understand the ML process and embed models into apps


  • Azure ML
  • “Data scientist”: VS Code Demo with Jupyter Notebooks, PyTorch, TensorBoard
  • “MLOps”
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • “Red/Blue”-Deployment via GitHub Actions

[The future of modern application development with .NET


  • “.NET Core Momentum”
  • .NET Upgrade Assistant
  • Minimal web apis
  • MAUI
  • Blazor in Web & Desktop
  • Hot Reload

Scott Guthrie ‘Unplugged’ – Home Edition (Extended)

  • ScottGu
  • DevTools
  • GitHub Actions
  • Codespaces
  • Cosmos DB: Serverless, Cache, Encryption, Free tier enhancements
  • Azure AI

Build your first web app with Blazor & Web Assembly

  • Learning video

Develop apps with the Microsoft Graph Toolkit

  • “Low code” Learning video about the toolkit

Application Authentication in the Microsoft Identity platform

  • MSAL 2.0 & Microsoft Identity Platform
  • SPA App with JS
  • WebApps stuff with ASP.NET Core
  • Service apps

[Double-click with Microsoft engineering leaders


  • “Whiteboarding-style”
  • GitOps Concepts
  • Velocity - Inner/Outer Loop
  • Data Analytics with Cosmos DB
  • Azure Cloud “overview”

[.NET 6 deep dive; what’s new and what’s coming


  • .NET Momentum
  • .NET 5 - why
  • .NET 6 main features
  • EF Core
  • C# 10
  • Minimal WebApis
  • MAUI
  • Blazor
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Edit and Continue

Hope this helps.

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