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Kürzlich haben wir einen globalen, virtuellen Office 365 Hackathon ins Leben gerufen. Hierbei dreht sich alles rund um das Thema “Produktivität” und wie diese mit Hilfe von kreativen Microsoft Office 365 Lösungen verbessert werden kann.

Natürlich gibt es auch tolle Preise zu gewinnen (z.B. Treffen mit einem Microsoft Produkt Executive, Surface Produkte, etc.). Am besten ihr registriert euch gleich unter http://msoffice365.devpost.com/.

Da es sich hierbei um einen globalen Hackathon handelt, gibt’s das Ganze hier noch einmal im Detail auf Englisch….

Hack Productivity Webseite

Hacking Things Done

Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you how to code an app in under five minutes. (But if you want to try, we’d love to see it!) We do want to tell you about Hack Productivity (http://msoffice365.devpost.com/), a new online hackathon from Microsoft with $32,500 in prizes for apps that help people make stuff happen -- with ease (and panache).

Hack Productivity, launching today, gives you access to the Office 365 APIs for mail, calendar, contacts, photo/video, and files so you can create tech solutions that allow people to do everything they set out to do, and more. As an added challenge, we’re also asking you to build an entirely new Add-in (extension) for your app.

Your solution needs to help people manage their lives -- but how is totally up to you. For instance, you could build an app that:

  • helps people create photo albums with images shared by their friends
  • creates a weekly schedule for everyone in the household
  • collates a daily to-do list based on incoming email
  • creates a filing system for school assignments and research work
  • designs a new collaboration system for the office
  • suggests a friend date when you haven’t seen one of your contacts in awhile
  • uses Pavlovian push notifications to defeat procrastination

There are lots of ways to sauce this enchilada, if you know what we mean. Your time-saving, achievement-producing app will be up cash prizes, plus some other shoutout-worthy swag:

  • meeting w/ a Microsoft product exec
  • one-year allowance on a premium Office 365 service
  • expenses-paid trip to a Microsoft conference
  • Surface products

We’ll be providing lots of support throughout the hackathon, including online office hours, tutorials, and tech tips. So check off the first thing on your to-do list: Register & start building your productivity hack @ msoffice365.devpost.com.

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