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I'm going to remove the Disqus comments on this blog and move to GitHib issue based comments. The reason is, that I don't want to have advertisements that are not related to the contents of this page. Another reason is, that I want to have the full control over the comments. The third reason is related to GDPR: I've no Idea yet what Disqus is doing to protect the users privacy and how the users are able control their personal data. With the advertisements they are displaying it gets less transparent, because I don't know who what is the original source of the adds and who is responsible for the users personal data.

I removed Disqus from my blog

I'm currently migrating all the Disqus comments to GitHub issues. There will be an GitHub issue per blog post and the issue comments will be the blog post comments than. I will lose the dialogue hierarchy of the comments, but this isn't really needed. Another downside for you readers is, that they will need to have an GiHub account to create comments. Otherwise the most of you already have one and you don't need to have an Discus account anymore to drop a comment.

To do the migration I removed Disqus first and exported all the comments. After a few days of migrating and testing I'll enable the GitHub issue comments on my blog. There will be a comment form on on each blog post as usual and you don't need to go to GitHub to drop a comment.

I will write a detailed blog post about the new comment system and how I migrated it, if it's done.

The new GitHub issue based comments should be available after the weekend

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I had Disqus on my blog a couple of years ago and then removed it too. It caused major problems with I tried to change the Disqus plugin settings, but still had the same - comments were not showing in WordPress. I know that for a huge traffic and high volume of audience on the web sites Disqus makes it easier for the system to manage all the posts and prevent the website from increasing the loading time. Then I compared both commenting plugins on the dissertation service College Programming tool.
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