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During this years Advent, I'd like to post a kind of an Advent calendar. Until December 24th I'm going to post a link to a good community resource and a few lines about it. The resource should be about ASP.NET Core, .NET Core or C# or a related topic. This resource might be a blog post, a useful open source software or a video. It shouldn't be a commercial. It also should be as new as possible. Maybe not older than two months. None of the linked resources will be created by me.

You got the idea?

I'm going to push the Advent calendar posts every day via twitter and I will list them here in this introduction post:

  • #01: NDC Conference Videos
  • #02: Steve Gordon's blog
  • #03: Fritz and Friends
  • #04: Damien Bowden's blog
  • #05: .NET Core 3.1 is out
  • #06: Andrew Lock's blog
  • #07: Blazorise
  • #08: Hanselman debugs a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 with VS on Windows
  • #09: November 2019 .NET/ASP.NET Documentation Update
  • #10: Wasmtime
  • #11: Updating an ASP.NET Core 2.2 Web Site to .NET Core 3.1
  • #12: .NET Rocks Podcasts
  • #13: .NET Conf: Focus on Blazor
  • #14: MailKit
  • #15: About silos and hierarchies in software development
  • #16: ConfigureAwait & System.Threading.Channels
  • #17: Creating Common Intermediate Language projects with .NET SDK
  • #18: The .NET Foundation has a new Executive Director
  • #19: [Migrate a real project from ASP.NET Core 2.2 to 3.1](Liquid error: PostUrl: no post/page found for 'advent-post-dotnet31-migration.md'.)
  • #20:
  • #21:

Until yet, I've just a few ideas which resources I'm going to write about. So you are free to propose some nice and useful links in the comments below.

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