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Groovy/Grails specialists for your projects

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Groovy/Grails specialists for your projects

Espeo Software - 05.01.2010 09:57
We are looking for projects for our outsourced developers. If you are seeking qualified and affordable IT resources for your projects - don't hesitate to contact us.

Espeo is a Polish software house specializing in outsourcing highly qualifed software developers.

We can provide developers or complete development teams (including experienced Grails proffessionals) for your project, using modern methodology: Agile, SCRUM.

We use latest technologies and modern methodologies of software development what substantially distinguish us from other IT companies from our region. We place emphasis on the quality of the products created and a form of cooperation that is convenient for our clients. And all of that you can get for very competitive price.

In order to establish the best possible communication level and real-time development control, we use sprint planning sessions - communication through audio-video conferencing and desktop sharing software, issue tracking software - tracking sprint progress, timesheets - recording actual hours spent by every developer, everyday communication using on-line voice communicators.

More about our skills:
The main technology applied in Espeo constitutes technology working in JAVA. Our advantage is also expert knowledge of the newest solutions based on this language:
-web software - Java EE (servlet, JSP), Spring, GWT, Grails, Hibernate,
-desktop software - Swing, SWT, Eclipse RCP, Griffon,
-portals based on portlet systems - Liferay Portal
-mobile software - Java ME
-testing applications with a use of JUnit (unit tests), Fit (integration tests), Selenium (acceptance tests)
-software development process management - Ant, Maven
-application servers - Apache Tomcat, IBM Websphere
-report creation - JasperReports
-IDE environments - Eclipse, Netbeans, IntellijIdea
-servers used for integrating source codes - Cruise Control, Hudson, Bamboo.

When creating software we use, among others:
-operating systems- Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS
-wiki systems serving as a knowledge packet for particular designer
-task management systems- Jira, Redmine, Bugzilla
-source codes repositories based on SVN
-code review tools- Review Board

We specialise in solutions based on Java. Yet, we are conscious of the existence of other technologies. We also know how and when we should take advantage of them. In our work we used, among others:
-JavaScript and libraries based on it, like JQuery and Yahoo UI
-C and Net in a computing environment Visual Studio
-Groovy- new language of a dynamic software system
-Flash and Flex- they are used to create rich and advanced users' graphic interface for IT applications

For more information about our services visit www.espeo.eu (available also in German)
or send an email to our Sales Manager: tomasz.rakowski@espeo.pl

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