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Expert for data clustering and mining in web contexts

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Expert for data clustering and mining in web contexts

kris - 20.09.2009 11:11
We are developing a web application for intuitive and efficient browsing of audiovisual web contents (e.g. youtube video, flickr images). We have invented an essential user interface principle, which provides overview and fosters the flow from one piece of content to another. Our application is clustering and mapping contents in meaningful ways. <_42_52_ /> <_42_52_ /> <_42_>Challenge: <_42_52_ /> Representing contents from the &#8250;social web&#8249; in a meaningful order based on user generated metadata (e.g. folksonomies) and/or editorially organized metadata and data structures (e.g. classifications, ontologies). <_42_52_ /> <_42_52_ /> <_42_>You are trained some of the following areas: <_42_52_ /> - knowledge representation <_42_52_ /> - computational semantics <_42_52_ /> - data mining <_42_52_ /> - semantic web <_42_52_ /> - computational logic / description logic <_42_52_ /> <_42_52_ /> You are programming preferably in java and ideally you are experienced with java-based web applications. You enjoy creative collaboration and exploring new grounds. <_42_52_ /> <_42_52_ /> We are SMiLE UG. We are a new start up and we want to expand our small team in Berlin. The collaboration will start project oriented (freelance) and can become a permanent position. You will participate on all levels, from concept to code. <_42_52_ /> <_42_52_ /> Send questions and application to <_42_52_ /> kris.krois [at] smile-browser.com <_42_52_ /> skype:kkrois <_42_52_ /> +49-89-420 95 75 07

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