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Dear Groovy users,

I would like to send a XML file to an existing grails web application.
The xml file will be generated on a client. I need a Groovy script which will be triggered by the clients
( cronjob ) and transfers the data to the existing grails web server ( port 8080 ). The xml file will then be received by the web server and processed by a grails controller.

The data transfer should use the Port 8080 of the grails web server.

Which possibilities do I have to transfer a XML file to the grails web server?
Does grails provide any services to transfer data from a client to the server?

What I found out so far:
1. Goovy HTTPBuilder allows me to do a multipart POST request. I can use a Grails controller and view to provide a HTML input form.
2. Goovy SOAP is another possibility to transfer data but it needs a seperate server listening on another port.
3. Groovy XMLRPC also needs a seperate server listening on another port.

Thank you very much!
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Übertragung per FTP-Server wäre eine Möglichkeit.

Stelle deine Xml-Frage jetzt!