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During the past couple of years, a number of new players have entered the web-based radio españa market. Some of them are dedicated to a specific type of music, while others offer an extensive selection of programs. They can be accessed on most computers and mobile devices, including smartphones.

Streaming radio is available anywhere in the world. In addition to offering a variety of genres and programs, they can also help listeners discover new sounds and entertainment. They are ideal for audiophiles who are looking for CD-quality sound online.

Streaming radio can be accessed on a wide variety of devices, including smartphones and smart speakers. These apps also allow users to save the songs they hear from a specific station. They can also be set to play when the user wakes up or goes to sleep, and can even include an alarm function. They can also be customized to include the user's favorite artists. Some stations also provide podcasts. They are free to download and play, but are not necessarily free to stream.