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There are many different options available for publishing an hörbücher kostenlos. Some companies are geared toward authors and others are geared towards readers. While there are a few exceptions, the majority of audiobooks are sold as a credit-subscription product.

A few of the bigger players include Audible, Findaway Voices, PublishDrive and ACX. These companies all make it easy to create and distribute your audiobook. They also offer various promotional tools and a solid distribution network.

For those authors who want a more hands-on approach, there are companies that allow you to narrate and produce your own audiobook. These companies generally require less voice actors than the big guns. However, you will still need to get your work in front of listeners.

Getting a high quality recording isn't as difficult as many people think. You'll need a decent recording instrument, software, and a sound proof room. But you will also need to spend a bit of time and energy putting together an audiobook.

Using a software program such as Draft2Digital, you can quickly build an audiobook. Once your book is completed, it can be distributed across 400+ online stores, including Audible and Kobo. The platform also provides lifetime technical support.

Unlike other types of eBooks, audiobooks are available for purchase as single digital files. They are a valuable tool for learning new languages and improving your listening skills. In addition, listening to an audiobook can help dyslexics and visually impaired readers.

If you are considering a career as an audiobook producer, you'll want to check out ACX. This is the largest publisher of audio books.